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Superworm 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
wnwilson520 More than 1 year ago
We read Superworm and many other of Julia Donaldson's books each and every day. Superworm is easy to read, has great rhymes and it took no time at all for my kids to memorize the story. They enjoy this book and recite it to family and friends regularly! Would highly recommend all of Julia's books; they're fantastic!
ACS_Book_Blogger More than 1 year ago
Review: Excitement and danger lurks under leaves, down the well, under the rubbish heap, and on the road. But with "Superworm" to the rescue, all is well. Presented as a lively story of the qualities of Superworm as he saves the day and in quite good rhyme that takes one back to the rhythm and rhyme of Mother Goose, Superworm will squirm his way into the giggles and tickles of the reader and the listener. Illustrated with cute, "bug-eyed," and vividly colored pictures, the humor and adventure is portrayed delightfully for the entertainment of the young child. The book was read to students at Alamance Christian School and here are some of their comments..... This book is very good. Especially for kids that are just learning how to read. Even if you are older, I would still recommend it. You'll enjoy it. (Kailyn, 5th) It's a cute book, and it has some rhyming words.It's also a good book for first and second grade readers. It has a lot of animals in it and a little adventure. The book is called Superworm and he is a hero. It's a great book. (Kailey, 5th) I think it was more for smaller children. First and second graders. There were good descriptive words. (Caleb, 5th) I like the book. If you like rhymes, then I think you will like this book, too. But I think that it is for grades 1-3. I think it is a good book. Go Superworm! Go! (Isabella, 5th) This book is very good. It is probably a good book for kids under second grade age. The book is about a worm named Superworm! Superworm saves the day many times. But one day Superworm is captured! Find out what happens in the book. (Olivia, 5th) It is obvious from the students' comments, Superworm is intended for younger children but that it is enjoyable no matter your age. Actually it is intended for ages 4-8. So when you're ready for a little wiggly-squiggly reading, grab Superworm.... The wizard waves his magic flower. "Now, Superworm, you're in my power And you must tunnel, writhe, and coil, To find me treasure in the soil." Superworm is very cross To have a lizard as his boss, But when he tries to slink away The wizard's magic makes him stay. DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by Scholastic Inc. in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely ours. No compensation was received for this review.
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superworm! When animal friends are in trouble, who will come to their aid? Superworm! He can stop boredom, he can pull trapped beetles out of wells and he can save baby toad who has wandered into a dangerous situation. Superworm is a life saver. Only who can save Superworm when he is captured by Wizard Lizard who hears of this wonderful worm and wants him. The Wizard wants Superworm to use his super abilities to find treasure deep in the soil. Using magic, he puts Superworm under a spell. Days in and days out Superworm digs underground, without any luck, he is running out of time. He needs to be successful in his assignment or his life will be cut short and hungry crow will find out just how tasty Superworm really is. I liked this rhyming children’s book and the energy inside it. Superworm loves to help others, he doesn’t expect anything in return, he just likes to be with his friends and wants them to be happy. When he is kidnapped by Wizard Lizard, his face changes and the tables have now turned as his friends must now come to his rescue. The illustrations are bright and colorful inside and I think children will love the ending in this children’s book.