The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel

The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel


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The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous 11 months ago
The story is fantastic in and of itself, but if you like an artfully done graphic novel, then this is for you.
357800 12 months ago
While in Barnes Noble recently picking up a couple classic graphic novels on my list, the bookseller says, up front, we also have THE HANDMAID'S TALE graphic novel. I said, thanks but the novel wasn't a favorite of mine. She said, hers either, she doesn't like dystopian stories, and, of course, my response was, I love them, but not that particular one. She said the book is beautifully done though.....and that it is. I walked out with it! So here I am done reading the story for a second time and loving it and the beautifully illustrated graphics of this horrific dystopian world for women. The fertile women are objects used primarily as a container for procreation, a national resource of the time in the terrifying Republic of Gilead, and THE HANDMAIDS TALE is primarily Offred's oppressive story of loss, loneliness, grief and the forbidden touch of love. NO talking...NO employment...NO reading...NO friendships. The handmaid's cannot even look at each other, and sneaking around is dangerous and detrimental to your health. The aunts are always watching as are the wives and punishments are unessential parts of the body that don't affect their purpose in life. And even worse....there's the ominous hanging wall visible to all who pass. Note: Illustrations in this graphic novel are colorful and vividly expressive in bringing to life this unsettling dystopian world. Have not yet watched the Netflix movie, but can't wait to see if it ends like the book for Offred SPOILER hopeful, with a possible way out and a chance to find her daughter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous 10 months ago
There is nothing funny about the subject matter of this book. To turn it into a comic is a disrespectful money grab.
Gewy More than 1 year ago
Not commenting on the stories premiss-leaving that to acadamia. To the author, trying to impress the elitist intellectually, I say what "BS". The movie was classified as science fiction, may Isuggest Science fiction fantacy. It took every bit of fortitude to sit through the TV version. I am an avid and dedicated reader, Have read scores and scores of books. I thank the the great giver of intelligence for sparing me from reading this book. I will not go into detail in critisizing the 23 sublime indeotic rediculous boreing storing plot, aaaagggg (sorry) got carried away... I have to stop here otherwise I might get a little emotional.... LOL. To the author may I suggest cartoons next time.....