The Lost (B&N Exclusive Edition)

The Lost (B&N Exclusive Edition)

by Natasha Preston

Paperback(B&N Exclusive Edition)

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The Lost 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
vphillips88 10 months ago
When a number of teenagers start going missing in their small town best friends Piper and Hazel decide to start looking into it. When they leave a party one night and meet two rich and and handsome local guys who offer them a ride home , they soon discover it was a huge mistake. They kidnap them and take the both of them to a house in the woods. They soon find that the house is a fortress of corridors and rooms. Each room tests them of physically and psychological terror. Piper and Hazel find the missing teenagers they were looking for also locked in a room in the house. Piper finds that her kidnappers has a sick idea of fun. Each room has tests them how much they can take like one room forces her to ensure scalding temperatures then freezing temperatures until she passes out. After talking to the other teens she soon finds that no one makes it out of room zero it’s fight to the death. This book was unbelievable. I finished it in a day! I had to find out what was going to happen to piper. I loved Pipers strength in this book and each character brought something to the book! The villains I hated but was also amazed! The ending had me pick my jaw up and want more! I should mention trigger warnings of death, torture, drowning, abduction , violence and guns!
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
Predictable. And the ending is lame. Waste of money.