Valiant (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #2)

Valiant (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #2)

by Holly Black

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Valiant (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #2) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 337 reviews.
xiv More than 1 year ago
I read this when it it first came out years and years ago it seems now (I was in middle school and now I'm in college) and omg its still amazing. I still remember how much I hated Ravus at his first introduction and gradually gaining a crush. Plus this I think was the first book that really introduced me to modern New York as an awesome place in and of itself - I did my best to visit some of the localities mentioned in this book while there. Holly Black you rock!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!!!
7hir7een More than 1 year ago
I read this book for the first time shortly after reading Tithe. I remember I was surprised to find out that it doesn’t focus on Kaye and Roiben, although they do make an appearance. However, I don’t think the book is lacking because of it. Val is another teen with a dysfunctional past that comes to be mixed up in things she doesn’t understand, falling into the world of Faerie. The concept of Never is a very intriguing one, and I like that its use does have consequences for the characters by the end. I loved Ravus’s character. I never really thought I would be rooting for a troll as a romantic interest, but there you have it. If you read and liked Tithe, or you’d like to read a dark fantasy novel with themes of faeries, magic, betrayal and consequences, I’d recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it well i have never read the first or third one but this book wwas kind of romantic like beauty and the beast but a really deformed one i hope holly black makes a forth one!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am suprised by all of the low reviews. I found it enchanting.
IANHTHS More than 1 year ago
This story is about a girl named Val who has a lesbian best friend and a cheating boyfriend. It starts off with Val at high school as a lacrosse player, she is dating this guy who she finds out is cheating on her with her mom. When Val finds this out she runs away from home and meets this group of runaway kids. One is named lolli, the others are Louis and Dave. She then helps a drag queen find his shoe and then she gets the nick name prince valiant. The entire group likes her except for Louis. Later the group shows her to their troll named Ravus, he makes this drug called glamour, he lives under a bridge like a real troll. The kids get Val hooked on this drug. Val and Ravus begin to get closer. Ruth shows up and asks her to come home. She says yes but that she needs to say goodbye to Ravus first. She goes off to find him but cant , she ends up heading back to this castle and everyone's acting really weird. Val wakes up during the middle of the night and is lead to this party by fairies. Ravus is there and Val kisses him. Val sees Mabry and figures out that she is the one that was poisoning the Glamour and killing the fairies. Mabry tells Ravus that it was Val that did it and she leaves before Ravus gets to mad. So Val and Ruth go searching for evidence and find a harp with hair of the murdered people. Dave gets to high and almost dies so they try to take him to Ravus but find him dead with no heart, Mabry had killed him. Val finds Mabry and challenges her and defeats her for Ravus's heart. They put his heart back into his body and he is instantly healed. He gives Louis the things he needs to heal Dave and then tells Val that he loves her. Val goes back with Ruth but still sees Ravus.
KayTay911 More than 1 year ago
While lots of people are hating the fact that it's not about Kaye, or that the characters are druggie subway bums, I still think this story has a lot to offer. I loved the characters, even the ones that got a little bit crazy. They might not have been excellent role models, but they were gritty and real and showed off their dark sides, which other authors typically avoid- one of the things I love about Holly black's books. And I loved Val. She was portrayed so realistically, with very believable emotions, because she doesn't start out a hero. In the story she goes from average teenager to faery drug addict, and she has to overcome those things in the end and realize her mistakes to become, as the title says, valiant. The way she makes mistakes only makes her more likable. I took off a star because the ending seemed a bit rushed, but all through the beginning I was completely sucked into this dark, hypnotic world. It gets pretty sexual and there's smoking/drinking/drugs, etc, but if you can handle that along with the lack of Kaye and Roiben then this is an absolute must-read. Also, it's helpful to read this one because a character, Luis, ends up being very important in Ironside, the continuing story of Kaye and Roiben. (:
constantly_reading More than 1 year ago
I preffered this to the other novels in the 'Modern Tale of Faerie' series, it was the first I read and, although the others were great reads, I don't think they lived up to 'Valiant'. While I was a little put off by the beginning, which seems like a typically angst ridden teenage romance, once in New York this becomes an amazingly original novel, bringing together a city we know so well with Holly Black's world of magic, and putting a refreshing twist on teenage romance.
EllieUnderground More than 1 year ago
Val's story starts out with an average high school girl, a character who is very true to life, and then is brought into fantastic situations. The book may seem edgy, and dark, but everything in it feels very real. A lot of people don't like that the main characters are primarily drug-addicted bums, but they still show a lot of character- both good and bad. Val runs away from home to make her own decisions and ends up discovering more than she had ever imagined. I was completely immersed in the story and read it all at once, for hours upon hours. I was so into the story I could see it all happening, picture Ravus with his fanged underbite and Mabry's entire house. Valiant is a reader's story. It is not a kid's book, obviously, due to the drugs, and the sex, and the violence, but those are used sparsely and not heavily detailed, aside from the Never, which needs that kind of description. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, but I might be a little embarrassed to admit how many times I've gone back and read it over- that's up to almost ten now. I can't give it a passing glance without stopping to read just a little bit over again. It's a world so close to ours, and so similar with characters that are very relatable, and emotions that are strong enough for you to feel them yourself.A warning, however: don't start reading this book if you have anything important (meetings for business, school, etc.) pending, because you will most likely get lost in the pages.
Anassa More than 1 year ago
I like the series as a whole, but was a little disappointed in Valiant having switched the main characters. If want to read more about Kaye and Roiben, and have the relationship develop, be prepared to be disappointed in Valiant. It's a great story from a diffrent part of the whole story, and pieces a few things together, but was hard for me to warm up to new leading characters for only one book, after spending two books with diffrent ones. Still overall a good book.
FayTannerr 11 months ago
I loved Valiant. It was an amazing blend of fantasy and romance mixed with the harsh reality of living on the streets of New York city. I really liked Val. She was brave, tough and valiant. Ravus and Luis were really interesting characters. As well as Lolli, Ruth and Dave. The plot was well written and it was really hard to put this book down! This is definitely a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
klarsenmd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A quickly paced urban fantasy, this is the follow up to Tithe. It tells the story of Val, a runaway who falls into a faerie filled world when she is taken in b a group of homeless youth in NYC. It was entertaining and easy to read with the dark undertones of both faeries and humans tainting all the characters.
AriadneAranea on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Val, betrayed by her mother and boyfriend, runs away to the city and ends up living rough in an underground station, running errands for fairies, getting high on magical potions stolen from a troll, and rushing headlong to destruction...This is not quite a sequel to Tithe, but is set (sort of) in the same real/fae world, with a few overlapping characters in the background. It is more intense, darker, a little bit weirder and at least as good as Tithe, if not better.
pocketmermaid on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I decided to listen to this audiobook a few years after not being very impressed with the first book in the Modern Faerie series while I waited for the second book Holly Black's Curse Workers series to be released. Well, Curse Workers is the series I prefer. The Modern Faerie series isn't for me. It's a little too gritty for me. Though I appreciate this book was a fantastic way of telling a story I didn't really like, if that makes any sense.I enjoyed the way Black uses the framework of the "Beauty & the Beast" tell to shape her story here without making it a straight-up retelling. I liked Val's independence, but I'd hesitate to call her a strong protagonist. I liked some of the magical elements, but like I said, this book wasn't for me.There's also a scene in the book that had me sobbing hysterically and feeling just disgustingly awful for a long time after. If I had known about it beforehand, I would never have picked up this book. So, here's my warning in hopes it may help someone (without being too spoilery) -- if you are sensitive to any kind of animal abuse, do not read this book.
LaPhenix on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
So the first book has that, little bit weird, raunchy beginning, this on has the little bit screwed up, touch of raunchy everything-but-the-ending. I was far from prepared for the 3/4 the book where we're following drug addict street kids and the ending hardly made up for it. I get the whole modern fairy tale thing, but DAMN! Some of the things the author passes off as acceptable in the book (morally) are so awfully twisted they deserve rebuke, but I'll spare you. Overall the book wasn't terrible, but I would have thought twice had I realized what I was getting into. The first book hardly hinted at the lows Black's characters might sink to.
allify on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It has all the elements that I like in a book and yet it doesn't quite do it for me. There was action, and yet it seemed forced, kind of like fake action, or action just for the sake of being there. There was romance, but that too seemed artificial. I could see the romantic tension but could not feel it.I did love the concept of Nevermore; that was quite inventive. I also liked how the concept of fairy courts was likened to that of gangs. It made it much more plausible, much more believable. Despite its merits, I wasn't satisfied with Valiant. It needed more strength. It just needed more.
the1butterfly on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Though I didn't connect to the characters and their choices in this story, I was drawn into it the way that I was drawn into Tithe. I wanted to see things going right, and I was relieved when things came together in the end. I did get more into the book as Val started falling in love with the troll- I'm weird in my romance like that...
Suzanne520 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book was so much better than the last one!Even though it followed different characters, I found it easy to be pulled into this story.I felt like the writing was much more clear in this book than the last. I stopped feeling like I missed pages and paragraphs with only one exception. I felt these characters were more developed also, and I didn;t feel like this book was rushed at all. I truly enjoyed this book and I look forward to the next one!
rglightyear on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
See my review for Tithe. I think I like this one a bit more than the last one.
Finleyup1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was one of those books that grabbed me out of the gate and held my attention to the end. If you're looking for Spiderwick, this book is by no means for children. Even though it is touted as a young adult reader, the content and the language was extremely adult in nature. The connections with the children's series made this book feel familiar. I enjoyed it.
roguelibrarian on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Plot: Val feels shocked and betrayed when she accidentally discovers a secret her mother, her boyfriend and her best friend had been keeping from her. She runs to New York and falls in with a trio of street kids. But these are no ordinary runaways. Luis has the sight; he can see fairies. Val soon becomes a messenger for a troll and addicted to a strange magical drug. She also becomes drawn into a series of faerie murders that she must solve to save her new friends and her new love.This is the second book in Black¿s Modern Tale of Faerie series but it is not a sequel to Tithe; it is more of a parallel story.Val, Luis, Dave and Ravus all appear in Ironside and they are peripherally aware of the events in Tithe but Valiant is its own story. Val is a great character. Though she loses herself and makes serious mistakes (the drug addiction notably), she ultimately proves herself to be brave and strong, valiant as Dave calls her. She is not a girl who is saved, she saves everyone else.And, because I always need to comment on the romance, I love the concept of it in this novel. It is so completely different from romance in most faerie stories. Val does not fall for the inhumanly beautiful, immoral faerie prince. She falls in love with the monstrous faerie with a good heart. My one complaint was that there was little build up to their romance.We know that they¿re in love because we¿re told but we don¿t really see it happen. I¿d love to see more of their developing feelings in the future, more than the few pages they get at the end of Ironside. Meanwhile the twisted relationship between Dave and Lolli is in many ways what drives the plot of the novel, his desire for her and her disdain of him. They are both twisted by their addictions and their desires; they do bad and stupid things that hurt themselves and those around them. But the way Black writes them is very human. So while you might shake your head at some of the things they do, like Luis, you cannot truly hate them.Black has created a fascinating world with a wonderful cast of characters. I look forward to more though I¿ll probably have to wait some time. To date there is a collection of short stories, Poison Eaters, which takes place in the same universe but Black claims to have no plans to write a fourth Modern Tale of Faerie the near future.
LadyoftheLodge on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is not my kind of novel at all, regardless of its awards. I can see how this would not be appropriate for some community PL's, with its sex, drugs, and profanity. I actually hated this novel, it gave me nightmares.
mmillet on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I didn¿t love `Tithe¿ and I just couldn¿t bring myself to enjoy it¿s pseudo-sequel `Valiant¿. Too much drug-induced fog, weird teenage promiscuity, and an odd relationship between a teenage girl and a troll that wasn¿t exactly believable. A little too much angst and teenage disaffection for my liking.
-AlyssaE- on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved the way that Holly Black did these stories. I thought that this story was supposed to be continuing Tithe. But to tell the truth i was gettin bored with the characters by the end of the book. So i was happy to find out that this book was not about the same characters. This book is also a pretty quick read.