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Vincent 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another fantastic book by D. B. Reynolds!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the story and charactors. For a powerful Lord, I did think the vampire was shown weak at times.
happyendingamust More than 1 year ago
Highly enjoyable. Could shut the door on the bedroom, but I have that complaint with a lot of authors. All in all a good read and I will be reading the rest of the series.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 unicorns - I loved it!! ***Received ebook from Belle Books for an honest review The cover is awesome especially with the tat and the shirtlessness of it all :) This is the 7th book in the Vampires in America series.  It is one of the best Vampire Romance series I have read.  D.B. NEVER disappoints when you read her work :)  Each book is standalone; however, you are doing yourself a complete disservice if you do not read them all and in order because each part builds your love of the characters and the synergy of the world is epic when you read them all in order. Lana is amazing and strong woman who refuses to stay behind or stand behind and be protected.  I love when a heroine stands up for herself and fights side by side with those she cares about.  Vincent is sexy and arrogant, but what vampire isn’t especially the Alpha male that he is.  Tons of action and twists and turns as you go along.  You are never bored when reading this series. I highly recommend this entire series to all vampire romance lovers.  I love D.B. Reynolds’ series as much as I love Kerrelyn Sparks’ and Lyndsay Sands’ series’.  I’m off to read Deception!!!
IAmy More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review. This might just be my favorite in the entire series. Yep, I think it is. I have enjoyed all of the books thus far, but only Lucas’s and Vincent’s stories have enthralled me into giving them five stars. This titles like many of the others could have been read as a stand alone and been enjoyable, but reading it in the context of the larger story arch makes it just all the more fun. This book left me wanting more, in a good way, and I really can’t wait for the next title to see how all this build up explodes for the American vamps. I think it is going to be one helluva fight and I want front row seats and a bowl of popcorn to watch…read what goes down. This story picks up where the last novella left off, Raphael has one more vampire lord to set in place for his united front against the European vamps who want to carve up the American territories and create chaos. Thanks to Cyn, Lana is sent to Vincent with a message and mission to start the ball rolling. From what I gather, Vincent ruling Mexico was inevitable, but was not happening on Raphael’s schedule so they needed to intervene and give Vincent a little push. Everything I enjoyed in previous books was included in this one; great characters, good paced and plenty of action, sizzling chemistry, strong female lead and hot steamy scenes. What really clicked for me in this book though was the two lead characters, Vincent and Lana. They were great together. Vincent was such a hoot, a sexy playboy that was definitely a ladies man and loved it. He was a strong alpha male used to having everything his way until Lana walked in and turned his world upside down. She was not impressed and couldn’t be swayed by his charms, being used to dealing with alphas in her profession. How could he resist. Lana was smart, tough and didn’t just roll over and sleep with him at the drop of a hat. I felt that their relationship grew authentically, they learned to trust each other through the events that unfolded and developed a strong bond. I also loved how honorable Vincent was, he took responsibility for vamps that were not his and made thing right for them. Who wouldn’t root for someone like that. The end was a little abrupt, I would have liked a little more time with Lana and Vincent as they figured out their relationship. I would have also liked some closure between Lana and her dad, perhaps in future books (fingers crossed). This was a fun and sexy read that left me wanting more. So looking forward to the next book in this series, things are just getting good! 
CarmellaS More than 1 year ago
I have received a free copy of this book for an honest opinion. The main characters in this book are Vincent and Lana. Vincent is a Vampire, a Lieutenant of the Mexican Vampire Lord Enrique, whom he hates and stays away from unless he is summoned. Lana is a PI, working with her father. Lana is presented with a job from the mate of Raphael, the American Vampire Lord, to deliver a letter to a Vampire in elusive Vampire that no one is sure if he is still alive. The condition is...Vincent has to accompany her. Vincent doesn't deal with humans much and Lana doesn't trust Vampires. So they start their adventure. Of course there is a mutual attraction toward one another. Lana thinks Vincent flirts with every woman he comes in contact with and the more time Vincent spends with Lana he feels she will be with him. Throughout their journey, they learn more about each other and the misconceptions they have of one another start to diminish and they begin to respect one another. I felt like the book started off a little slow but when it grabbed me I had trouble putting it down. I had read 8 or 9 chapters before it grabbed me though. This is part of a series but is free standing. I am definitely interested in reading the other books in the series. I would recommend this book! Thank you for the opportunity to read this author!
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle: *Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review D.B releases another fun installment to the ViA series with another confident and suave Vamp and strong, capable heroine... If you're a fan of the series, you know that the entire continent of North America has been being re-vamped (pun intended) under the watchful eye of Raphael. Alliances are being created, Lords who don't think the way Raphael and his allies do eliminated, bad seeds exterminated. While not all of the Lords are 'friends', most at least respect one another, however, at the last few summits, Enrique, Lord of Mexico, has been less than respectful... Enrique's lieutenant, Vincent, has never really gotten along with Enrique, but he has a special bond with him and hasn't really wanted to rule. He's comfortable assisting where needed, and keeping to himself with his right hand guy, Michael. Unfortunately, a personal request from Raphael not only rocks Vincent's world, but it also introduces him to a smart, sexy, and strong bounty hunter named Lana. Vincent has plenty of action, another heroine that I adore (I cannot wait for the next Mates Club read!), surprises, and more, and the ending set up the series for some interesting turns. I foresee some interesting times ahead with each and every Lord now in play with uber interesting interaction between them all.  If you haven't tried the VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series yet, you really should. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it!
KFischer More than 1 year ago
This is another fantastic book in the Vampires in America series. Lana Arnold is a bounty hunter who is hired to track down an ancient vampire living somewhere in Mexico and deliver a message. Her client, Raphael the Lord of the Northwest territories, insists that Vincent Kuxim accompanies her on the journey. Vincent is the lieutenant to the lord of Mexico, Enrique. What should have been a simple job turns into a dangerous and complicated mission. Vincent learns just how cruel Lord Enrique is. When they finally deliver the message to the reclusive Xuan Ignacio, he tells them a story which reveals a dark secret that Enrique has been keeping from Vincent. Vincent returns to Mexico City w/ Lana intent on destroying Enrique and taking over as lord of Mexico. I loved Vincent's flirty and charismatic personality and Lana's independence and resourcefulness. Their chemistry is steamy and the love scenes are sizzling. The action is non-stop and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this story and I can't wait for the next one!
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Lana Arnold is bounty hunter delivering personal messages to Vincent Kuxim and Xuan from Lord Raphael. Lana received advice about vampires from Cynthia "Cyn" Leighton but dismissed it as fairy tales. Now Lana is wishing she paid better attention to what Cyn said. Vincent is stunned that Lana noticed his use of mind control on her. The current Lord of Mexico Enrique is doing things that are against vampire code by handing vampires over to humans. As if Vincent needed more reasons to hate Enrique more. Vincent is puzzled by his attraction to Lana. To Lana, Vincent is sex on legs and tries to avoid him at all costs. What truths will Vincent learn from Xuan? What will Enrique do to Vincent? Will Lana admit her feelings? Your answers await you in Vincent. Ms. Reynolds certainly knows how to weave a tale that is complex and intriguing at the same time. Lana is kickass character that doesn't let anything stop her including surly vampires. Vincent has women dropping at his feet all the time but I love his confusion when Lana doesn't. Together they are a powerhouse team that understand each of their needs and desires completely. Definitely looking forward to next books in this series. 
ehaney578 More than 1 year ago
VINCENT was everything I expected from the author with a few interesting surprises thrown in. There’s a sexy, powerful vampire and strong human female who has no clue about vampire culture. The couple is road tripping across Mexico on a super-secret mission from Raphael. Along the way, Vincent and Lana stumble upon some ghastly horrors committed by Enrique, the Vampire Lord of Mexico. They tackle these obstacles head on with an unlikely ally while battling their growing sexual attraction. War is imminent for the North American Vampire Lords as alliances are formed, loyalty is tested and the betrayals are endless. This book was a slow starter for me. I eventually got into it but I didn’t like Lana’s character. Yes, she is a human and yes she’s never dealt with vampires before but she drove me crazy with her, for lack of a better word, “nagging.” Everything that Vincent did that pertained to his station as lieutenant of Mexico, Lana had to dissect and reason with human logic. It was fine the first few times but it ended up that every scene where Vincent had to exercise his power, Lana was arguing with his decision and it had me rolling my eyes every time. I felt her reactions were redundant and often kept me from trying to enjoy the story. I also didn’t like the ending because it was never mentioned that Vincent and Lana were together, they just appeared to be. The epilogue is from Raphael and Cyn’s point of view and I thought the story would have been best served if Vincent and Lana had the last words. I did enjoy some parts of the story but ultimately wasn’t fulfilled by it. However, this will in no way discourage me from reading future books in the series. ***I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own***
SoniaF More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic book! All the books in the Vampires in America series are fantastic and each gave me great pleasure reading. I loved every aspect of this book: the main characters are fantastic, the plot is so well conceived that captures the attention and interest since the beginning, there's always something new to keep the reading thrilling and captivating, the romance of Vincent and Lana is hot, sexy and romantic. And let's not forget the secondary characters, that are so good. This is the last book in arc 1. Raphael plotted and manipulated to have trusting Lords in all of the areas in the North America to fight against the vampires from europe. Mexico was the last area where he needed a new Lord and Vincent is the better choice to fight the current Lord, Enrique. With the help of Lana, Vincent will find himself in new dangers and a powerful attraction that he can't resist. You can't miss this book! You can't miss this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Vincent, Book 8 of The Vampires in America, D.B. Reynolds Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre: fantasy/paranormal romance. I found this series about 18 months ago and have been an avid fan since then. I was lucky in that the first few books were already out so I read them back to back ( my fav way of reading a series), and that gave me a solid insight into the world Debbie has created. Each book features one vampire meeting his/her mate, and along the way there’s a good story with lots of hot and sensual sex and some realistic and vicious danger. These vampires are tough, they fight hard, and kill easily when its needed. They’re moral too though, and most don’t kill needlessly or are cruel for no reason. When they need to though they’ll happily torture to get the answers they need from those who would overthrow the morality of their world.  Though each story is complete it also connects to an overriding story arc where the old regime, the vampires that have been Lords of areas of the US ruled with an iron fist, but some of them without any sense of morality, careless of the need to live within the human world and its rules. Slowly the old guard is changing, with new blood ( if you can call centuries old vampires new blood!!) taking over. Raphael – the vampire subject of books one and two, is incredibly powerful and has given his tacit support for some of these changes, not because he wants the power himself but because he sees a need for stability, and a strong Lord creates respect from his subjects, and they adhere in the main the the rules set for benefit of all. This time we meet Vincent. He’s number 2 to Lord Enrique, his sire. Vincent looks after part of Mexico, always aware its ultimate control is Enrique. There’s no love lost between them though, he has no respect for Enrique's cruel and sadistic ways, and the all-seeing Raphael has set a plan in motion once again. Vincent is aware of this and yet he can’t quite work out Raphael's machinations – that’s always fun for the reader, trying to see where the plots are going to lead, and I had fun with this one. I could see what was planned but not how, and as always Debbie takes us on a twisting, spiralling route full of detours before the big finale! It starts with Lana, a PI travelling to Vincent's area seeking a very old vampire. Raphael is behind the request, she doesn’t know what she’s there for or why, but has been instructed to ask Vincent for help, and needs him to be there when she delivers a letter to the vampire. A puzzle but its work for her, along a line she hopes will develop further and expand so she’s going to do her best despite few clues. What I like about the ladies in this series is they are tough, and Lana is typical, working in a male dominated environment, facing danger and well able to protect herself. Raphael's mate Cyn once said that vampires are used to being the strongest, toughest baddies and don’t see humans as a threat, and that's a mistake as though we’re weaker, we can use planning and stealth to win. She’s done it herself, and Lana shows here how well good planning can work. Its good to have some strong females, too often we get only simpering, twee, TSTL “miss” types that just knuckle under every request from the big, bad Supernaturals, and that just doesn't appeal to me – I want ladies able to stick up for themselves, who I can respect, who have minds of their own and use them – Lana is just great. As always Vincent of course is strong and sexy, arrogant as they all are but no less attractive for that, and its not too long before the initial antagonism between him and Lana turns to more, and they’re engrossed in some steamy, carnal moments. What happens when its all over though? Where do they go from there? Can they make things work together and do they want to, or is it just thanks and bye, see you another time? Cracking writing, gripping story that links to the other books, and Debbie and this series is an auto read for me, one that I’ll abandon other books to read first, and that I will ( and have) re read. Stars: Five, a fabulous series and I’m always mentally egging Debbie on to write more. Some series have a finite point that's clear, this one can go a few more books yet IMO. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
agnese-kohnSK More than 1 year ago
Just finished Vincent,book 8 of the series Vampire in America....It is effing magnificent just like the all series..I was excited when i got and started to read and sad when i was at the last page but i know more Vampire will be coming..I love it and want more of this series....Well written and the characters too Vincent and Lana but also the others...You will find action,adventure,violence,sexual chemistry at perfection,villains,mysteries,secrets and more..Author D.B.Reynolds knows how to entertain with this book,novella,and the all series..Each books gets better and better....She did it again and knew it was gonna be effing excellent read....I recommended this book and the entire series because i quote:can't get enough,they are my favor Vampire and want more ...So can't wait for the next and the next and the next.......Now i'm on hold for Deception to come out ......Keep up the good work and keep this bad arses Vampire coming....I love them all.......
Arch_Angel More than 1 year ago
Sitting down to read a D.B. Reynolds novel you give up your freedom. Why? Because you’re going nowhere until the end. Vampires have been my passion since starting the PNR genre, and I have read some very impressive authors over time; but none have continued to capture my full attention and unwavering dedication to their series as Ms Reynolds` Vampires in America. When you read a book from this series you are swept away by the depth and complexity of the world that is revealed, the diversity of the characters and the capacity of the author to weave one hell of a story. Ms Reynolds has always remained true to her adage that her Vampires are old school; they are comfortable in their own skin, blood is their survival, why pretend it isn’t. Violence and powerful often go hand in hand, if you need to kill, you do; and they are inexplicably sensual with charisma that is unmatched by mere mortals. Vincent is every bit as compelling and entertaining as the previous stories, providing a well developed plot and captivating characters that keep the reader glued to their seat till the very last page; and a little twist at the end to have you salivating for more. I’m sure any lover of this genre will thoroughly enjoy the latest edition to this brilliant series.