What Is the Statue of Liberty?

What Is the Statue of Liberty?


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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It started a long time ago. I was eight when i learned my talent...my name was sarina. My best friend. Was ella. Ella the eagle. The statue eagle... "Hi ella!" Sarina walked over to the statue. To must people. The statue didnt move. But to sarina. She moved everytime she saw it. Ella was her best friend,her only freind. Ella turned to look. "Oh hi sarina! Wanna play?" Ella was stuck to the gate. But they still found games to play even if she was stuck. "Ok. Lets play wing flapper!" Wing flapper was a silly game. But to them,it was really fun. You would flap your "wings" for as long as you can. Since it was the only thing ella could do. These two were the best of freinds for a long time. But things change... everyone knows that... PART TWO NEXT RES! ILL SEND AN ADD WHEN I FINISH PART TWO.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thats a huge statue