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Title: Museum Registration Methods / Edition 5, Author: Rebecca Buck
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Title: Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion in Museums, Author: Johnnetta Betsch Cole
Title: Cities, Museums and Soft Power, Author: Gail Dexter Lord
Title: Things Great and Small: Collections Management Policies, Author: John E. Simmons
Title: Museum Gallery Activities: A Handbook, Author: Sharon Vatsky
Title: Rights and Reproductions: The Handbook for Cultural Institutions, Author: Anne M. Young
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Title: Designing for Empathy: Perspectives on the Museum Experience, Author: Elif M. Gokcigdem
Title: Partnership Power: Essential Museum Strategies for Today's Networked World, Author: Marsha L. Semmel
Title: Covering Your Assets: Facilities and Risk Management in Museums, Author: Elizabeth E. Merritt
Title: Call the Lost Dream Back: Essays on History, Race & Museums, Author: Lonnie G. Bunch III
Title: Exhibitions: Concept, Planning and Design, Author: Tom Klobe
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Title: To Give and To Receive: A Handbook on Gifts and Donations for Museums and Donors, Author: Laurette E. McCarthy
Title: Teaching the Museum: Careers in Museum Education, Author: Leah M. Melber
Title: From The Holy Land To Graceland: Sacred People, Places and Things In Our Lives, Author: Gary Vikan
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Title: Collection Conundrums: Solving Collections Management Mysteries, Author: Rebecca A. Buck
Title: So You Want to Work in a Museum?, Author: Tara Young
Title: Riches, Rivals and Radicals: 100 Years of Museums in America, Author: Marjorie Schwarzer
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Title: Art & Energy: How Culture Changes, Author: Barry Lord
Title: Paying Attention: Visitors and Museum Exhibitions, Author: Beverly Serrell
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Title: Stewards of the Sacred, Author: Lawrence E. Sullivan

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