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Title: Rock Tombs of El-Hawawish: The Cemetery of Akhmim, Author: Naguib Kanawati
Title: Akhenaten Temple Project: Initial Discoveries, Author: Ray Winfield Smith
Title: Menander: The Bad-Tempered Man (Dyskolos), Author: Menander
Title: Canon and Proportions in Egyptian Art, Author: Erik Iversen
Title: Egyptian Stelae Reliefs and Paintings: The Late Period, Author: H. M. Stewart
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Title: Material Culture of the Land of the Bible in Persian Period, 538-332 BC, Author: Ephram Stern
Title: Deshasha Report 5 tombs of Inti, Shedu and Others, Author: N. Kanawati
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Title: Yerma, Author: Federico García Lorca
Title: The Harappan Civilization, Author: Gregory L. Possehl
Title: Living with the Desert: Working Buildings of the Iranian Plateau, Author: Elisabeth Beazley
Title: The Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts: Spells 788-1185 and Index, Author: Raymond Oliver Faulkner
Title: Terence: The Self-Tormentor, Author: A.J. Brothers
Title: Tombs at Giza Volume I: Kaiemankh (G4561) and Seshemnefer I (G4940), Author: Naguib Kanawati
Title: Wasps: The Comedies of Aristophanes, Author: Aristophanes
Title: Domestic Plants and Animals: The Ancient Egyptian Origins, Author: Douglas J. Brewer
Title: Introduction to Classical Tibetan, Author: Stephen Hodge
Title: Notes on Late Egyptian Grammar, Author: Abd el-Mohsen Bakir
Title: Menander: Samia, Author: D. M. Bain
Title: Excavations at Esna 1905-1906, Author: Dorothy Downes
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Title: Akhim in the Old Kingdom, Part 2, Author: Colin A. Hope
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