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Title: Computer-Aided Analysis of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits / Edition 1, Author: Paulo Jose Cunha Rodrigues
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Title: Microstrip Lines And Slotlines 2nd Ed., Author: K. C. Gupta
Title: The Design Of Impedance-Matching Networks For Radio-Frequency And Microwave Amplifiers, Author: Pieter L. D. Abrie
Title: Optical Control Of Microwave Devices, Author: Rainee N. Simons
Title: Nonuniform Line Microstrip Directional Couplers And Filters, Author: Sener Uysal
Title: Modern Microwave Measurements And Techniques, Author: Thomas S. Laverghetta
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Title: Industrial Microwave Sensors, Author: Ebbe G. Nyfors
Title: Microwaves Made Simple: Principles and Applications, Author: W. Stephen Cheung
Title: Analysis Methods for Electromagnetic Waves, Author: Eikichi Yamashita
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Title: Lossy Transmission Lines, Author: Fred E. Gardiol
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Title: Analytical Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Problems, Author: Eikichi Yamashita
Title: High-Power Microwaves, Author: James Benford
Title: Computer-Aided Design Of Microwave Circuits, Author: K. C. Gupta
Title: Solid-State Microwave Power Oscillator Design, Author: Eric L. Holzman
Title: Capacitance, Inductance, And Crosstalk Analysis, Author: Charles S. Walker
Title: Microwaves Made Simple, Author: Salvatore J. Algeri
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Title: Yield And Reliability In Microwave Circuit And System Design, Author: Michael D. Meehan
Title: Frequency Synthesizer Design Handbook, Author: James A. Crawford
Title: Microstrip Antenna Design, Author: K. C. Gupta
Title: GaAs Processing Techniques, Author: Ralph E. Williams

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