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Title: The Embroidery Recipe: How Your Ingredients Affect Your Results, Author: Lindee Goodall
Title: The Practice of Counselling and Clinical Supervision, Author: Nadine J. Pelling
Title: The Home Therapist: A practical, self-help guide for everyday psychological problems, Author: John Barletta
Title: Take Action Practitioner Guidebook, Author: Allison Waters
Title: History of Vocal Pedagogy: Intuition and Science, Author: Joseph Talia
Title: The Bravehearts Toolbox for Practitioners Working with Sexual Assault, Author: Nadine McKillop
Title: Practical Cbt, Author: Gary Bakker
Title: Cognition and Language: Perspectives from New Zealand, Author: Claire Fletcher-Flinn
Title: Vocal Science for Elite Singers, Author: Joseph Talia
Title: Ideas for Career Practitioners: Celebrating Excellence in Career Practice, Author: Mary McMahon
Title: Italian Bel Canto in the Age of Vocal Science, Author: Joseph Talia
Title: CoupleCare: Couple Commitment and Relationship Enhancement: Educator's Manual, Author: W Kim Halford
Title: Unemployment and Health: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Author: Thomas Kieselbach
Title: The Practice of Clinical Supervision, Author: Nadine Pelling
Title: Advances In Organisational Psychology, Author: Ian A. Glendon
Title: Personality and Individual Differences: Current Directions, Author: Richard Hicks
Title: Engagement & Change: Exploring Management, Economic and Finance Implications of a Globalising Environment, Author: Parikshit K. Basu
Title: Innovations and Advances in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Author: Danielle Einstein
Title: Grave Concerns: Locating and Unearthing Human Bodies, Author: Kathryn Powell
Title: Australian School Leadership Today, Author: Neil C. Cranston

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