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Title: Positive Bodies: Loving the Skin You're In, Author: Vivienne Lewis
Title: Integrated Family Intervention For Child Conduct Problems, Author: Mark Dadds
Title: Crossfire! How to Survive Giving Expert Evidence as a Psychologist, Author: Bruce Stevens
Title: Counselling Christian Women on How to Deal With Domestic Violence, Author: Lynne M. Baker
Title: Innovations and Advances in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Author: Danielle Einstein
Title: Vocal Science for Elite Singers, Author: Joseph Talia
Title: Forensic Approaches To Death, Disaster And Abuse, Author: Marc Oxenham
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Title: The Charismatic Personality, Author: Len Oakes
Title: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Contemporary Theory, Research and Practice, Author: J T Blackledge
Title: Writing Reports for Court: A Practical Guide for Psychologists Working in Forensic Contexts, Author: Jack White
Title: MENDS Counsellor Manual: A Structured Approach to Assisting Men in Relationship Crisis, Author: Owen Pershouse
Title: Job Stress in University Staff: An Australian Research Study, Author: Anthony H. Winefield
Title: Vulture Cultures: How to stop them ravaging your organisation's performance, people, profit and public image, Author: Leanne Faraday-Brash
Title: Australian School Leadership Today, Author: Neil C. Cranston
Title: The Australian Workplace Barometer: Psychosocial safety climate and working conditions in Australia, Author: Maureen F. Dollard
Title: Turning Points: An Extraordinary Journey into the Suicidal Mind, Author: Diego de Leo
Title: Italian Bel Canto in the Age of Vocal Science, Author: Joseph Talia
Title: Controlling People: The Paradoxical Nature of Being Human, Author: Richard S. Marken
Title: One Hundred Years of Women Police in Australia, Author: Tim Prenzler
Title: Learn to Dance on a Moving Carpet: How to create a balanced and meaningful life, Author: Jacky Dakin

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