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Title: Through A Shattered Lens, Author: Calista Athmann
Title: pendulum: a poetry collection, Author: Alex West
Title: A wise kid once said, Author: Courtney Stokes
Title: wax & wane, Author: Britni Graves
Title: Ready For Lift Off vol 3: LAUNCH Level 2 2018-19:, Author: Mia Sarah Douglas
Title: the things left unsaid, Author: Noelle Bruce
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Title: How to Be Smart, Author: Thomas Cuba
Title: The Last Minute Applying to College Guide: How to Finish Your College Essay:The Procrastinator's Handbook for Finishing Your College Essay, Author: Admissions Mentoring
Title: PINK GRAPEFRUIT, Author: Ry Reed
Title: blue rose, Author: Ella Janssen
Title: Short Stories for Humans, Author: Stephen Andolfo
Title: The Shadow Beasts, Author: Eleanor M. Byrne
Title: Kaijuology: The Book of Giant Monsters:, Author: Layne Wyman
Title: Dark Court Faery Tales: A Wicked Lovely Collection, Author: Melissa Marr
Title: THE REAL HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, Author: Christopher Cole
Title: The Woman In White, Author: Robert Mellott
Title: Scatterbrained: The Collected Ramblings of a Fantastical Mind, Author: Bethany Jackson
Title: Takstubo Cardiomyopathy, Author: Nate Kemp
Title: The Faery Queen's Daughter, Author: Melissa Marr
Title: Epic Wonders: Hooligans in Russia & China Time, Author: Stephen Andolfo

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