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Title: Remember Me, Author: Gabriel Fowler
Title: People of the Flow, Author: Ben H. Gagnon
Title: Reviving Sunshine, Author: Sarah Eads
Title: River Sisters, The Giver, Author: Jan Dearman
Title: Fill the Chalice, Author: Sean Mott
Title: Harm's Way, Author: Clarke Wallace
Title: Franklin Hobbs and the Quagmire of Darkness, Author: D. Hudson Hallow
Title: Gypsum, Author: Chris Rellim
Title: Before Penn: An Illustrated History of The Delaware River Colonies 1609 - 1682, Author: Hal Taylor
Title: The Gospel of Louis: The Rise and Fall of a Fake, Modern Moses, Author: Daniel Sessions
Title: Gideon's Ghost, Author: Gregory Stout
Title: Solomon's Seal, Author: Matthew Hellman Pre-Order Now
Title: The Gospel of Louis, Author: Daniel Sessions
Title: Hope, Author: Reign Atkins
Title: Thomas Lincoln: Abraham's Father, Author: Daniel Cravens Taylor
Title: Cover Me Boys, I'm Going In, Author: Keith Hirshland
Title: The Empire of Tarn, Author: Joy E. Fetters Pre-Order Now
Title: The Man Without a Party, Author: Richard Tres
Title: I Am Ed, Author: R.A. Akerlund
Title: The Yellowwood Tree, Author: Rick Auterson

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