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Title: Battlefield Air Interdiction by the Luftwaffe at the Battle of Kursk: 1943, Author: William J. Dalecky
Title: Operational Tenets of Generals Heinz Guderian and George S. Patton, Jr., Author: George A. Higgins
Title: Countering Propaganda in the Global War on Terrorism: What Can a Democracy Do?, Author: Leesa J. Papier
Title: Air Traffic Control Capabilities: Opportunity to Utilize Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Equipment on Aircraft for Military Air Traffic Control and Command and Control in Combat and Humanitarian Operations, Author: Michael W. Helvey
Title: Attack on the American Embassy During TET, 1968: Factors That Turned a Tactical Victory Into a Political Defeat, Author: Robert J. O'Brien
Title: Intelligence Sharing, Fusion Centers, and Homeland Security, Author: Raymond R. Newbill
Title: Manipulating the OODA Loop: The Overlooked Role of Information Resource Management in Information Warfare, Author: Gregory M. Schechtman
Title: Antiaircraft Defense of Corregidor, Author: Gwinn U. Porter
Title: United States Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Corps Capability for Combating the Contemporary Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat, Author: Matthew F. Kelly
Title: A Study of a Skirtless Hovercraft Design, Author: Air Force Institute of Technology (U.S.)
Title: Women of Valor in the American Civil War, Author: Cheryl A. Heimerman
Title: Base Defense at the Special Forces Forward Operational Base, Author: Curtis W. Hubbard
Title: Electromagnetic Pulse Threats to U.S. Expeditionary Operations in 2010, Author: Colin R. Miller
Title: Cavalry in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862: Effective, But Inefficient, Author: Michael S. Lynch
Title: Space Force 2020: A Force for the Future, Author: Steven R. Lootens
Title: Building Adaptive Nurse Leaders for Future Army Full Spectrum Operations, Author: Tamara S. Funari
Title: Educating Our Workforce, Author: Cynthia L. Curry
Title: Technology and the Air Force Nonresident Intermediate Professional Military Education: A Successful Marriage, Author: Kimberly A. Olson
Title: Changing Dynamics of Military Advantage in the Information Age, Author: Sean F. Mulcahey
Title: Strain Rate Dependent Deformation and Strength Modeling of a Polymer Matrix Composite Utilizing a Micromechanics Approach, Author: National Aeronautics and Space Administr

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