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Title: Wilma Rudolph: Champion Athlete, Author: Tom Biracee
Title: Medgar Evers, Author: Jennie Brown
Title: Joe Louis, Author: Rugio Vitale
Title: Nat Turner, Author: Terry Bisson
Title: George Washington Carver: Scientist and Educator, Author: James Neyland
Title: Gordon Parks, Author: Darlene Donloe
Title: Bill Cosby, Entertainer, Author: Marianne Ruuth
Title: Louis Armstrong: Musician, Author: Sam Tanenhaus
Title: Matthew Henson-Artic Explorer, Author: Michael Gilman
Title: Frederick Douglass-Patriot and Activist, Author: Marianne Ruth
Title: Malcolm X: Biography of Black Civil Rights Leader, Author: Jack Rummel
Title: Dizzy Gillespie: Performer, Bandleader, and Composer, Author: Tony Gentry
Title: Nat King Cole, Author: Marianne Ruuth
Title: Willie Mays, Author: Mitch Burkhardt
Title: Billie Holiday: Singer, Author: Bud Klimet
Title: Jackie Robinson-First Black in Professional Baseball, Author: Richard A. Scott
Title: Mahalia Jackson, Author: Darlene Donloe
Title: A Philip Randolph: Labor Leader, Author: James Neyland
Title: Mary McLeod Bethune- Educator, Author: Bernice A. Poole
Title: Ray Charles: Singer and Musician, Author: Norman Winski

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