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Title: Thirteen Hands, Author: Carol Shields
Title: Prerogatives: Contemporary Plays by Women, Author: Blizzard Publishing
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Title: Elizabeth Rex, Author: Timothy Findley
Title: Cupboard Love: A Dictionary of Culinary Curiosities, Author: Mark Morton
Title: The Arab's Mouth, Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald
Title: Prairie Report M, Author: Moher
Title: Necessary Crimes, Author: AUTHOR
Title: Steel Kiss P, Author: Fulford
Title: Third Ascent, Author: Frank Moher
Title: Alice Falls Apart, Author: Perry Nodelman
Title: Mail Order Bride, Author: Robert Clinton
Title: Very Heaven, Author: Ann Lambert
Title: Gravel Run, Author: Conni Massing
Title: Airborne Radio Plays (The Morningside Dramas), Author: Anne Jansen
Title: Chinese Man Said Goo, Author: AUTHOR
Title: Wesakejack and the Flood, Author: Bill Ballantyne
Title: Contemporary Issues/, Author: AUTHOR
Title: The Stillborn Lover, Author: Timothy Findley
Title: Take Five: The Morningside Dramas, Author: Carley
Title: End: Closing Words for a Millennium, Author: Mark Steven Morton

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