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Title: Outline of Vertebrate Evolution, Author: Edwin H. Colbert
Title: Human Ear, Author: Ina R. Friedman
Title: Hormones and Cell Metabolism, Author: P. J. Randle
Title: Meiotic Mechanism, Author: Bernard John
Title: The Nucleolus, Author: E. G. Jordan
Title: Protein Biosynthesis, Author: R. J. Jackson
Title: Photoperiodism in Plants and Animals, Author: William S. Hillman
Title: Insect Hormones, Author: Vincent B. Wigglesworth
Title: Plasma Membrane, Author: J. A. Lucy
Title: Phloem, Author: F. B. P. Wooding
Title: The Fossil History of Man, Author: M. H. Day
Title: Theories of Muscle Contraction, Author: William F. Harrington
Title: Cilia and Related Organelles, Author: Peter Satir
Title: Vertebrate Eye, Author: J. J. Head
Title: Diving in Marine Mammals, Author: R. J. Harrison
Title: Human Liver, Author: Sheila Sherlock
Title: Early Nutrition and Brain Development, Author: Myron Winick
Title: Human Sexual Behavior, Author: Gavin Hart
Title: Cellular Immunology, Author: J. L. Gowans
Title: Primates and Their Adaptations, Author: John Russell Napier
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