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Title: Francis Alys: Le Temps du Sommeil, Author: Francis Alys
Title: R.A. McBride & Julie Lindow: Left in the Dark, Author: R.A. McBride
Title: Federico Diaz: Geometric Death Frequency, Author: Federico Díaz
Title: Alighiero e Boetti, Author: Alighiero e Boetti
Title: Zhan Wang: The New Suyuan Stone Catalogue, Author: Zhan Wang
Title: Diversities: Europe and the Others, Author: Lóránd Hegyi
Title: Paladino: A Monograph, Author: Mimmo Paladino
Title: Renaissance Florence: The Age of Lorenzo de'Medici, 1449-1492, Author: Cristina Acidini-Luchinat
Title: From San Servolo to Amalfi, Author: Lü Peng
Title: Touching Time and Space: A Portrait of David Ireland, Author: David Ireland
Title: Kengiro Azuma: La Luce di Teglio, Author: Adam Weinberg
Title: Oreste at the Venice Bienniale, Author: Emilio Fantin
Title: Krzysztof Wodiczko: Guests, Author: Krzysztof Wodiczko
Title: Jimmie Durham, Author: Jimmie Durham
Title: Ilya Kabakov: Public Projects or the Spirit of a Place, Author: Ilya Kabakov
Title: The Fourth Sex, Author: Jake Chapman
Title: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Guide to Contemporary Art (Special Edition), Author: Joseph Kosuth
Title: Italian Painting, Author: Germano Celant
Title: Pure Views: Remote from Streams and Mountains: New Painting from China, Author: Lü Peng
Title: Vito Acconci: Diary of a Body 1969 -1973, Author: Vito Acconci

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