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Title: Secrets of Willow Springs, Author: Tracy Fredrychowski
Title: Promises Unbroken, Author: Jann Brittain Garner
Title: Jeane Rose: The Face of Courage, Author: Ken Simmons
Title: Take A Deep Breath: This life is not the end and miracles do happen, Author: Ginnelle Ries M.D.
Title: Be My Witness: A Christian Historical Fiction Novel, Author: Ben F. Lee
Title: God's Hands, Not Mine, Author: Norma Garrett
Title: Shattered, Author: Tom Cherrix
Title: Timelines, Author: Darrel Dillon
Title: The One O'Clock Man, Author: Will Jones
Title: 12 Days of Christmas: Light Ascending, Author: Paul Michael Toth
Title: This Is How Saved People Sin: The Memoirs of a Saved Girl, Author: Tisa Batey
Title: An Interview with God, Author: Stephanie Hill Nchege
Title: I Have To Call Someone Mama: A Grandmother's Story of Two Siblings Rescued from Munchausen by Proxy Abuse, Author: Tammy Eady Walker
Title: White Collar Crimes, Author: George Foster
Title: James A. Garfield: Letting His Light Shine, Author: John D. McArthur
Title: God's Glory: and the Exhortation, Author: Rene Bates
Title: A Bridge to God: A Little Book with Big Insights, Author: The Rev. Peter K. Stimpson
Title: Caught Caring: A Model for Serving Others, Author: Dr. J. Don Trotter
Title: When Seconds Count: Reports From an Emergency Medical Helicopter Pilot, Author: Jay A. Humphrey

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