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Title: Sex and Birth Control: A Guide for the Young, Author: E. James Lieberman
Title: The Brontës, Author: Tom Winnifrith
Title: Open the Door and See All the People, Author: Clyde Robert Bulla
Title: Resistance at Christiana; The Fugitive Slave Rebellion, Christiana, Pennsylvania, September 11, 1851: A Documentary Account, Author: Jonathan Katz
Title: Matters of Fact: Aspects of Non-Fiction for Children, Author: Margery Turner Fisher
Title: The Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes, Author: Michael L. Fleisher
Title: Focusing on Language: A Reader, Author: Harold Byron Allen
Title: Sparks, Author: Karl A. Menninger
Title: Pottery Step-By-Step, Author:
Title: Lautréamont's Maldoror, Author: Isidore de Lautréamont
Title: Reading Words with Waldo Walrus, Author: Peter K. Shreck
Title: Time Out for Happiness, Author: Frank B. Gilbreth
Title: The Compact Guide to Parliamentary Procedure, Author: Harvey Cromwell
Title: Stepping Out: A Teacher's Book of Real-life Situations, Author: Christine Bunn
Title: Camels: Ships of the Desert, Author: John Frederick Waters
Title: Tell Me, Rabbi, Author: Morris Norman Kertzer
Title: New Dynamics in National Strategy: The Paradox of Power, Author: Army War College (U.S.) Staff
Title: The Radio Amateur's Handbook, Author: A. Frederick Collins
Title: The Great Coverup: Nixon and the Scandal of Watergate, Author: Barry Sussman
Title: The Inner Athlete: Mind Plus Muscle for Winning, Author: Robert M. Nideffer

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