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Title: Meteorology; or, Weather Explained., Author: J. G. M’Pherson
Title: Pine Needles, Author: Susan Warner
Title: The Camp Fire Girls Solve a Mystery or, The Christmas Adventure at Carver House, Author: Hildegard D. Frey
Title: Biblical Geography and History, Author: Charles Foster Kent
Title: Mearing Stones: Leaves from my Note-Book on Tramp in Donegal, Author: Joseph Campbell
Title: Farmer George, Author: Lewis Melville
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Title: Historic Waterways Six Hundred Miles of Canoeing Down the Rock, Fox, and Wisconsin Rivers, Author: Reuben Gold Thwaites
Title: The Old Road, Author: H. Belloc
Title: American Military Insignia 1800-1851, Author: J. Duncan Campbell
Title: Hind Swaraj or the Indian Home Rule, Author: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Title: The Life of Saint Bridget - Virgin and Abbess Patroness of Ireland, Author: Anonymous
Title: The Syrian Christ, Author: Abraham Mitrie Rihbany
Title: Exultations, Author: Ezra Pound
Title: The Other Side of the Sun: Fairy Stories, Author: Evelyn Sharp
Title: History of the Opera, from its Origin in Italy to the present Time with Anecdotes of the Most Celebrated Composers and Vocalists of Europe, Author: Sutherland Edwards
Title: A Life’s Secret., Author: Mrs. Henry Wood
Title: Constance Sherwood: An Autobiography of the Sixteenth Century, Author: Georgiana Fullerton
Title: Dan Carter and the Cub Honor, Author: Mildred A. Wirt
Title: MIGHTY MIKKO: A Book of Finnish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales, Author: Parker Fillmore
Title: Running Sands, Author: Reginald Wright Kauffman

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