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Title: Fifth Column, Author: Eric Cordray
Title: Un-Natural Childbirth: The Truth about Childbirth as Told by a Labor and Delivery Nurse, Author: Annabelle Smith
Title: The Docklands Mystery, Author: John R. Aarons
Title: Reflections Over a Lifetime, Author: Errick Arnold
Title: Where Did My Tonsils Go?, Author: Michelle Jones
Title: The Chronicles of WaterWorld After the Hough Riots, Author: Ali Taylor
Title: The Isle of the Dragon, Author: Rolf Stibbe
Title: Dodging Bullets, Author: Matthew Cokor
Title: Life in Double Time, Author: Eric Cordray
Title: The Boys of Vietnam, Author: Marvin Groce
Title: New Jersey Mob: Memoirs of a Top Cop, Author: Bob Buccino
Title: Why I Went to Prison: Living in a Chris Christie's New Jersey, Author: Marjorie Parise
Title: Silver and Gold: Untold Stories of Immigrant Life in the Panama Canal Zone, Author: Dr. Guillermo Evers Airall
Title: Papa's Jade, Author: Patricia R. Liles
Title: Mission Statement for Batterer Intervention Program Providers and Students: A Workbook on Education Lessons and Exercises for Men Enrolled in a Batterer Intervention Program, Author: Dr. Jennie DiBartolomeo
Title: Surviving an Alcoholic Marriage and Living to Tell About It, Author: Susan Merrifield
Title: Bridge Builders of Nauck/Green Valley: Past and Present, Author: Dr. Alfred O. Taylor Jr.
Title: True Tales of the Tide: An Angler's Lifelong Quest, Author: Mike Halperin
Title: Ride Along, Author: Mary Sikes
Title: United States Space Force, Author: Paul D. Escudero

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