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Title: Jimmie Foxx, Author: Norman L. Macht
Title: Dizzy Gillespie: Musician, Author: Tony Gentry
Title: Once in the Saddle: The Cowboy's Frontier 1866-1896, Author: Laurence I. Seidman
Title: The Home Health Guide to Poisons and Antidotes, Author: Carol Turkington
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Title: Going into Business: How to Do It, by the Man Who Did It, Author: Eugene Ferkauf
Title: Male Writers, Author: Richard Scott Rennert
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Title: Margaret Thatcher, Author: Bernard Max Garfinkel
Title: The Korean Americans, Author: Brian Lehrer
Title: The Complete Guide to Windsurfing, Author: Jeremy Evans
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Title: Teenage Depression and Suicide, Author: John A. Chiles
Title: Gloria Estefan, Author: David Shirley
Title: Bound for Glory: From the Great Migration to the Harlem Renaissance (1910-1930), Author: Kerry Candaele
Title: A. Philip Randolph: Labor Leader, Author: Sally Hanley
Title: The Jewish Americans, Author: Howard Muggamin
Title: African Roots, Author: Jerry Silverman
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Title: Great Ambitions: From the 'Separate but Equal' Doctrine to the Birth of the NAACP, Author: Pierre Hauser
Title: Learning Disabilities, Author: Jean McBee Knox
Title: Marching Toward Freedom: Blacks in the Civil War, 1861-1865, Author: James M. McPherson
Title: Toxic Materials, Author: Richard Amdur
Title: Lore of Arms, Author: William Reid

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