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Title: Economics: A Text with Readings, Author: Richard T. Gill
Title: Elementary Statistics, in a World of Applications, Author: Ramakant Khazanie
Title: Careers in Organizations, Author: Douglas T. Hall
Title: Dimensions of Organizations: Environment, Context, Structure, Process, and Performance, Author: Mary Zey
Title: Changing World/Changing Teachers, Author: Owen A. Hagen
Title: An Elementary Approach to Mathematics, Author: Thomas Koshy
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Title: Economics: A Text with Readings, Author: Richard T. Gill
Title: Economic Problems and Policies, Author: John M. Kuhlman
Title: Criminal Justice: Introduction and Guidelines = a Revision of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice: An Introduction, Author: Paul B. Weston
Title: Dimensions of Political Drama, Author: James E. Combs
Title: Collective Behavior: A Review and Reinterpretation of the Literature, Author: Michael Brown
Title: Making Kids Click: Independent Activities in Reading and the Language Arts, Author: Linda Polon
Title: Modern Applied Selling, Author: Allan L. Reid
Title: Open Sesame: A Primer in Open Education, Author: Evelyn Carswell
Title: Marketing in Private and Public Nonprofit Organizations: Perspectives and Illustrations, Author: Ralph M. Gaedeke
Title: Elementary School Teaching: Problems and Methods, Author: Margaret Kelly Giblin
Title: Freedom and Equality: Civil Liberties and the Supreme Court, Author: Gilbert Lawrence Oddo
Title: Economy Size: From Barter to Business with Ideas, Activities, and Poems, Author: Carol Katzman
Title: COBOL, Author: Kenneth P. Seidel

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