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Title: Candy Crush Soda Saga: The Juicy, Tasty, Sodalicious, and Soda Crush, Unofficial Player's Guide with Secret Tips, Tricks and Strategies, Author: Jack Adams
Title: Solitaire: The Ultimate Classic Card Game, Special Edition Solitaire Card Game Book for How to Play, Set Up World most Addicted Game with New Updated Rule, Tips and Tricks to Win in Less Move, Author: Jack Adams
Title: Crossword: An Ultimate Crossword Puzzle Best Strategy Guide for Playing, Make your Own, Help, Cheat, Tips and Clues, Author: Jack Adams
Title: Sudoku Solver: How to Play and Solve Easy, Medium & Hard Sudoku Puzzles with Winning Rules, Tips, Tricks and Strategy., Author: Jack Adams
Title: Candy Crush Saga: (Unofficial Player's Guide) Discover top Hack, Cheats and Tips to Play World Most Addicted Game, and Discover How to beat most Difficult Level with three star, Author: Jack Adams
Title: Banish Stress, Author: Jack Adams
Title: Candy Crush Jelly Saga: An Unofficial Marvelous and Jellylicious , Tricks, Strategies, and Helpful hints to Play and Win with Three Star High Score, Author: Jack Adams
Title: Clash of Lords2: The Ultimate Game Guide with Hacks, Cheats and Top Tips for Winning Battles, Heroes, Obstacles, Guild, Base Design, Advance Strategies to Win Battle, Author: Jack Adams
Title: Candy Crush Level Beat: Enjoy a Complete Sweet Guide
Title: Juice Cubes Unofficial Player's Guide: The Ultimate Player's Guide for How to Play, Download Juice Cubes with Best Tips, Tricks and Hints, Author: Jack Adams