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Title: Dandy Do-Little, Author: Leslie Allen
Title: Putting the Head Loonie in Charge of the Tunes, Author: Leslie Allen
Title: 39 Years in Show Biz, Author: Leslie Allen
Title: Exploring America's Historic Places, Author: Leslie Allen
Title: Psalms, Author: Leslie Allen
Title: The Greek Chronicles: Part 2. Textual Criticism, Author: Leslie Allen
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Title: The New Interpreter's Bible, Volume III: 1 & 2 Kings/1 & 2 Chronicles/Ezra/Nehemiah/Esther/Tobit/Judith, Author: Ralph W. Klein
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Title: Monster Night
Director: Leslie Allen
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Title: Islands Lost in Time, Author: The National Geographic Society
Title: The Wonders of the World, Author: Bonnie S. Lawrence
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Title: Murder in the Rough: (A Golden-Age Mystery Reprint), Author: Leslie Allen
Title: Eros Rediscovered: Restoring Sex to Humanity, Author: Leslie Allen Paul
Title: The Greek Chronicles: The Relation of the Septuagint I and II Chronicles to the Massoretic Text. Part 1. The translator's Craft, Author: Leslie Allen
Title: Two-Hour Applique: Over 200 Original Designs, Author: Leslie Allen