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Title: Thomas Hobbes, Author: R.E.R. Bunce
Title: John Locke, Author: Eric Mack
Title: David Hume, Author: Christopher J. Berry
Title: Joseph A. Schumpeter, Author: John Medearis
Title: The Modern Papacy, Author: Samuel Gregg
Title: Edmund Burke, Author: Dennis  O'Keeffe
Title: Alexis de Tocqueville, Author: Alan S. Kahan
Title: Michael Oakeshott, Author: Edmund Neill
Title: The Salamanca School, Author: Andre Azevedo Alves
Title: Ayn Rand, Author: Mimi R. Gladstein
Title: Robert Nozick, Author: Ralf M. Bader
Title: Russell Kirk, Author: John M. Pafford
Title: F. A. Hayek, Author: A. J. Tebble
Title: Karl Popper, Author: Phil Parvin
Title: Murray Rothbard, Author: Gerard Casey
Title: Adam Smith, Author: James R. Otteson
Title: James M. Buchanan, Author: John Meadowcroft
Title: Herbert Spencer, Author: Alberto Mingardi
Title: Milton Friedman, Author: William Ruger