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Title: Madison's Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention, Author: Mary Sarah Bilder
Title: The Book Jumper, Author: Mechthild Glaser
Title: Gentle Discipline: Using Emotional Connection--Not Punishment--to Raise Confident, Capable Kids, Author: Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Title: A Lady in the Smoke: A Victorian Mystery, Author: Karen Odden
Title: Tangier Love Story: Jane Bowles, Paul Bowles, and Me, Author: Carol Ardman
Title: I'll Give You Something to Cry About, Author: Jennifer Finney Boylan
Title: The Transatlantic Constitution: Colonial Legal Culture and the Empire, Author: Mary Sarah Bilder
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Title: Crown of Stars, Author: Sophie Jaff
Title: Blood & Sex, Volume 1: Michael, Author: Angela Cameron
Title: Alice Takes Back Wonderland, Author: David D. Hammons
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Title: Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars From 4Chan And Tumblr To Trump And The Alt-Right, Author: Angela Nagle
Title: Just Me and My Three Sons, Author: Michele Weldon
Title: Blood & Sex, Volume 2: Jonas, Author: Angela Cameron