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Title: Research on Bipolarity and Reflexivity, Author: Vladimir A. Lefebvre
Title: Administrative Mobbing at the University of Toronto: The Trial, Degradation and Dismissal of a Professor during the Presidency of J. Robert S. Prichard, Author: Kenneth Westhues
Title: Prostitutes in the Talmud : A Social Anthropological Study, Author: Simcha Fishbane
Title: Generational Traumas in Contemporary Cuban-American Literature: Making Places/Haciendo Lugares, Author: Rafael Montes Montes
Title: A Journey from Wartime Europe to Self-Discovery, Author: Donald R. Maxwell
Title: Aspects of Fifteenth-Century Society in the German Carnival Comedies: Speculum Hominis, Author: Edelgard E. DuBruck
Title: A Seminary Education : The Formation of a Christian Soul, Author: Herbert Richardson
Title: What Happens When a Society Is Diverse?: Exploring Multidimensional Identities, Author: Hakan G. Sicakkan
Title: A Corpus of Ammonite Inscriptions, Author: Walter E. Aufrecht
Title: An International Encyclopedia of Land Tenure Relations for the Nations of the World: Mezhdunarodnaeiia Cenetisiklopedieiia Zemlepol'zovanieiia I Zemel'nykh Otnosheniaei Narodov Mira, Author: V. R. Belen'kiaei
Title: Karlstadt As the Father of the Baptist Movements: The Emergence of Lay Protestantism, Author: Calvin Augustine Pater
Title: The Damp Woods Greening: Poems, Author: Robert Edgar Carter
Title: The Construction of Fiction Through Personal Experience in the Work of William Saroyan and Jack Kerouac : The Autobiographical Component of Literary Experience, Author: Jody Spedaliere
Title: The Quaker Presence in America:
Title: The Curriculum, Training Methods and History of a Competitive Improvisational Comedy, Author: Kevin Bradshaw
Title: Rosa Chacel y las Artes Plasticas, Author: Carmen Fernandez-Klohe
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Title: Philosophical Reflections on the United States Constitution: A Collection of Bicentennial Essays, Author: Christopher B. Gray
Title: The Elections to the State Duma in December 1999--Russia's Choice at the End of the Twentieth Century, Author: Alexandre A. Strokanov
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Title: Byron as a Poet of Nature: The Search for Paradise, Author: Mario John Lupak
Title: Artificial Time-Emergent Interdependence in a Distributed Computing System, Author: Peter H. Barnett

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