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Title: The John Deere Story: A Biography of Plowmakers John and Charles Deere, Author: Neil Dahlstrom
Hardcover $23.85 $26.50 Current price is $23.85, Original price is $26.50.
Title: City of Big Shoulders: A History of Chicago / Edition 1, Author: Robert G. Spinney
Paperback from $10.04 $18.50 Current price is $10.04, Original price is $18.50.
Title: Fascism: The Career of a Concept, Author: Paul E. Gottfried
Title: On the Farm Front: The Women's Land Army in World War II, Author: Stephanie A. Carpenter
Title: From Furs to Farms: The Transformation of the Mississippi Valley, 1762-1825, Author: John Reda
Title: Memoirs of a Soldier, Nurse, and Spy: A Woman's Adventures in the Union Army / Edition 1, Author: Sarah Emma Edmonds
Paperback from $11.11 $20.00 Current price is $11.11, Original price is $20.00.
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Title: The Winter Palace and the People: Staging and Consuming Russia's Monarchy, 1754-1917, Author: Susan P. McCaffray
Title: Poland: The First Thousand Years, Author: Patrice M. Dabrowski
Paperback from $28.80 $32.00 Current price is $28.80, Original price is $32.00.
Title: William Stimpson and the Golden Age of American Natural History, Author: Ronald Scott Vasile
Paperback from $26.10 $29.00 Current price is $26.10, Original price is $29.00.
Title: Rome Is Love Spelled Backward: Enjoying Art and Architecture in the Eternal City / Edition 1, Author: Judith Testa
Paperback from $15.27 $27.50 Current price is $15.27, Original price is $27.50.
Title: Solzhenitsyn: The Historical-Spiritual Destinies of Russia and the West, Author: Lee Congdon
Title: A Man of Salt and Trees: The Life of Joy Morton, Author: James  Ballowe
Title: A Son at the Front, Author: Edith Wharton
Title: Politics as Usual: Thomas Dewey, Franklin Roosevelt, and the Wartime Presidential campaign of 1944, Author: Michael A. Davis
Title: A Birder's Guide to the Chicago Region, Author: Lynne Carpenter
Title: Everyone to Skis!: Skiing in Russia and the Rise of Soviet Biathlon, Author: William D. Frank
Title: New Woman Of Color: The Collected Writings Of Fannie Barrier Williams, 1893-1918, Author: Fannie Barrier Williams
Title: The Spoils: Stories, Author: Casey Pycior
Title: On the Landing: Stories by Yenta Mash, Author: Yenta Mash
Paperback from $15.71 $16.95 Current price is $15.71, Original price is $16.95.
Title: The Heathen: A Novel, Author: Narcyza Zmichowska
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