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Title: Vera Lex Vol. 11, Author: Harold Brown
Title: Journal of beat studies Vol 1, Author: Nancy Grace
Title: Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education, Author: Vincent C. Alfonso
Title: Knife, Life, and Bronzes: Sculpture and Vignettes, Author: Kaare Nygaard
Title: Woolf Studies Annual V15, Author: Mark Hussey
Title: Journal Of Early Childhood Volume 6, Author: Anastasia E Yasik
Title: Journal of Early Childhood and Infant Psychology Vol 1, Author: Barbara A Mowder
Title: Studies in Meaning 5: Perturbing the Status Quo in Constructivist Psychology, Author: Jonathan D Raskin
Title: Vera Lex Vol. 10, Author: Robert Chapman
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Title: Virginia Woolf's Jacob's Room, Author: Edward L Bishop
Title: Journal of Beat Studies Vol 3, Author: Nancy McCampbell Grace
Title: Vera Lex VOL 8, Author: Robert Chapman
Title: Journal of the Early Book Society Vol. 20: for the Study of Manuscripts and Printing History, Author: Martha Driver
Title: Woolf Studies Annual v21, Author: Mark F Hussey
Title: Journal of the Early Book Society V.17, Author: Martha W Driver
Title: Journal of Beat Studies Vol. 4, Author: Ronna C Johnson
Title: Your Self As History: Family History and Its Effect on Your Personality: A Research Guide, Author: Valentine Rossilli Winsey
Title: Jnl of the Early Book Society V.16, Author: Martha W. Driver
Title: Jnl of Early Child & Infant Psychology V8, Author: Anastasia E. Yasik
Title: Journal of Comics and Culture, Volume 2: Comics in the Margins, Author: Carol Tilley

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