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Title: PH's Great Puffle Search 7, Author: Tracey West
Title: Spell of the Witch World (Witch World High Halleck Series #3), Author: Andre Norton
Title: The Purple and the Gold, Author: Dorothy Daniels
Title: We Can Build You, Author: Penguin Books Staff
Title: Lover the Bombshell, Author: Carter Brown
Title: Green Phoenix, Author: Penguin Books Staff
Title: Edgar Allan, Author: John Neufeld
Title: Eddie My Life, Author: Eddie Fisher
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Title: The Genius of the Early English Theatre, Author: Sylvan Barnet
Title: Dating Games, Author: Elissa Curry
Title: Heaven on Earth, Author: Mary Haskell
Title: Warrior of Scorpio, Author: Alan Burt Akers
Title: Sunset Dreams 3, Author: Cherie Bennett
Title: Early Detection: Breast Cancer Is Curable, Author: Philip Strax
Title: Sasquatch Hunt (Gunsmith Series #21), Author: J. R. Roberts
Title: The Amulet of Fortune, Author: Susannah Broome
Title: Under the Green Star, Author: Lin Carter
Title: Sweet Running Filly, Author: Pat Johnson
Title: The Golden Mountain, Author: Will C. Knott
Title: The Scorpion Signal, Author: Adam Hall

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