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Title: Rites of Our Passage: Reflections through a Christian Year, Author: Francis H. Wade
Title: Finally Frida, Author: Frida Burling
Title: Off Sounding: Aspects of Rhode Island Maritime History, Author: Alexander Boyd Hawes
Title: Blacksmith's Tale, or Once Upon a Flower, Author: Dana Phillips
Title: Things Temporal and Things Eternal: The Life of George Cheyne Shattuck, Jr, Author: J. C. Marshall
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Title: All in the Family-- Business: A Personal Memoir and Corporate History, Author: George G. Raymond
Title: Meade's Reprise: A Novel of Gettysburg, War, and Intrigue, Author: John Duke Merriam
Title: Waiting for the Snow: The Peace Corps Papers of a Charter Volunteer, Author: Thomas J. Scanlon
Title: Shetland Breeds: 'Little Animals... Very full of Spirit' Ancient Endangered and Adaptable, Author: Andro Linklater