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Title: Arms and Uniforms: The Age of Chivalry, Author: Liliane Funcken
Title: Moving Coffins, Author: David C. Knight
Title: Grime Doesn't Pay: Law and Order Jokes, Author: Charles Keller
Title: Alistair's Elephant, Author: Marilyn Sadler
Title: My World, Author: Regents
Title: Footsteps in the Fog, Author: William E. Warren
Title: Bear Shadow, Author: Frank Asch
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Title: Water Water Water, Grades 3-6, Author: Regents Staff
Title: Ham Radio, Author: Richard David Kuslan
Title: Dinosaur Funny Bones, Author: Jean Burt Polhamus
Title: Working Out with Weights, Author: Steve Jarrell
Title: Writing and Grammar: Communiation in Action, Author: Joyce Armstrong Carroll
Title: What's in the Woods?, Author: June Goldsborough
Title: Managing Negotiations: A Guide for Managers, Labor Workers, and Everyone Else Who Wants to Win, Author: Gavin Kennedy
Title: Lippizaners: And the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Author: Philippe Dumas
Title: Fishing Basics, Author: John Randolph
Title: Michael Bird-Boy, Author: Tomie dePaola
Title: Letters from Rifka, Author: Karen Hesse
Title: The Magic of Believing, Author: Claude M. Bristol
Title: Gondola to Danger: A Miss Mallard Mystery, Author: Robert M. Quackenbush
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