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Title: The Future of Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids, Author: Bryce Pardo
Title: Countering Russian Social Media Influence, Author: Elizabeth Bodine-Baron
Title: Measuring Success in Health Care Value-Based Purchasing Programs: Summary and Recommendations, Author: Cheryl L. Damberg
Title: Precision and Purpose: Airpower in the Libyan Civil War, Author: Karl P. Mueller
Title: Pacification in Algeria, 1956-1958 / Edition 1, Author: David Galula
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Title: Support for Students Exposed to Trauma: The SSET Program, Author: RAND Corporation
Title: Understanding Behavioral Health Technicians Within the Military: A Review of Training, Practice, and Professional Development, Author: Stephanie Brooks Holliday Pre-Order Now
Title: Dangerous But Not Omnipotent Exploring the Reach and Limitations of Iranian Power in the Middle East, Author: Frederic Wehrey
Title: Alternative Futures and Their Implications for Army Modernization, Author: John Gordon
Title: Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies: Technical and Organizational Barriers and Future Threats, Author: Cynthia Dion-Schwarz Pre-Order Now
Title: Assessing Compensation Reform: Research in Support of the 10th Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation 2008, Author: Beth J. Asch
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Title: Strengthening the Partnership: Improving Military Coordination with Relief Agencies and Allies in Humanitarian Operations, Author: Daniel L. Byman
Title: Strategic Assessment and Development of Interorganizational Influence in the Absence of Hierarchical Authority, Author: Catherine H. Augustine
Title: Review and Evaluation of the VA Enrollee Health Care Projection Model, Author: Katherine M. Harris
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Title: Measuring Interdiction Capabilities in the Presence of Anti-Access Strategies: Exploratory Analysis to Inform Adaptive Strategy for the Persian Gulf, Author: Paul K. Davis
Title: UN's Role in Nation-Building: From the Congo to Iraq / Edition 1, Author: James Dobbins
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Title: The Thrift Savings Plan: Will Reservists Particpate?, Author: Beth J. Asch
Title: Building Resilience in an Urban Coastal Environment: Integrated, Science-Based Planning in Jamaica Bay, New York, Author: Jordan R. Fischbach
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Title: Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, and Strategies, Author: Cheryl Benard

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