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Title: Seeing the First Australians, Author: Ian Donaldson
Title: South East Asia: Colonial History, Author: Paul H. Kratoska
Title: Self-Directed Adult Learning: Perspective in Theory, Research and Practice, Author: Ralph Grover Brockett
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Title: Wholly Human: Western and Eastern Visions of the Self and Its Perfection, Author: Guy Claxton
Title: Four Pragmatists: A Critical Introduction to Pierce, James, Mead and Dewey, Author: Israel Scheffler
Title: Psychology and Freudian Theory, Author: Paul Kline
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Title: Colloquial Romanian, Author: Dennis Deletant
Title: Age of the Dream Palace: Cinema and Society in Britain 1930-1939, Author: Jeffrey Richards
Title: Wyatt: The Critical Heritage, Author: Patricia Thomson
Title: Leadership Selection and Patron-Client Relations in the U. S. S. R. and Yugoslavia, Author: Roger E. Kanet
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Title: Realism and the Aim of Science, Author: Karl Raimund Popper
Title: Making Sense of Ethnomethodology, Author: Eric Livingston
Title: Islamic and Middle Eastern Geographers and Travellers Vol4, Author: Netton
Title: An Introduction to Sociology: Feminist Perspectives, Author: Pamela Abbott
Title: Country London, Author: John Talbot White
Title: Psychology for Social Workers and Counsellors: An Introduction, Author: Carole Sutton
Title: Military Regimes and Development: A Comparative Analysis in African Societies, Author: Theophilus Olatunde Odetola
Title: Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, Author: Bertrand Russell
Title: The TM Technique: A Skeptic's Guide to the TM Program, Author: Peter Russell
Title: Slang Today and Yesterday: With a Short Historical Sketch and Vocabularies of English, American and Australian Slang, Author: Eric Partridge

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