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Title: Troublemaker, Author: Dianne Bates
Title: The Mystery of the Talking Tail, Author: Margaret Goff Clark
Title: Princess Euphorbia, Author: Vashti Farrer
Title: Rosa and Fredo, Author: Jim Howes
Title: Brain-in-a-Box, Author: Steve Matthews
Title: Tricksters, Author: Paul Collins
Title: Snow Bright and the Seven Sumos, Author: Bill Condon
Title: Simon and the Aliens, Author: Eva Mills
Title: Rodney, the Surfing Duck, Author: David Metzenthen
Title: Lucky Last Luke, Author: Margaret Goff Clark
Title: Dunkin' Dazza's Daring Dribble, Author: Andrew Einspruch
Title: My Brother, the Spy, Author: Meredith Costain
Title: Bull Harris and the Purple Ooze, Author: Julie Mitchell
Title: Holly and Mac, Author: Bill Condon
Title: Frogs of Betts, Author: Jen McVeity
Title: Trapped!, Author: Mary Small
Title: The Case of the Disappearing Bones, Author: Sue Cason
Title: Snow Bright and the Tooth Magician, Author: Bill Condon
Title: Waste of Space, Author: Bill Condon
Title: My Weird Mother, Author: Wendy Graham

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