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Title: The Illustrated Handbook of Woodworking Joints, Author: Percy W. Blandford
Title: Piper Cub Story, Author: James M. Triggs
Title: RCA Color T.V. Manual, Author: TAB Editorial Staff
Title: Stunt Flying in the Movies, Author: Jim Greenwood
Title: The Art of Computer Programming, Author: Donald W. Drury
Title: The Ultimate DOS Programmer's Manual, Author: John Mueller
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Title: The College Radio Handbook, Author: Billy G. Brant
Title: Networking with Banyan Vines, Author: Edwin G. Laubach
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Title: Stacker: An Illustrated Tutorial, Author: Dan Gookin
Title: Amateur Filmmaker's Handbook of Sound Sync and Scoring, Author: William Collins
Title: Easy Multimedia: Sound and Video for the PC Crowd, Author: Ori Gurewich
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Title: Solid-State Motor Controls, Author: John A. Kuecken
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Title: Mastering the VIC-20, Author: John Herriott
Title: Sixty-Seven Ready-to-Run Programs in BASIC: Graphics, Home and Business, Education, Games, Author: W. Scott Watson
Title: Master Transistor/IC Substitution Handbook, Author: Tab Books Staff
Title: The Complete Step-by-Step Boat Repair and Restoration Handbook, Author: Mark Temple
Title: Practical Electrical Installation, Repair and Rewiring, Author: John E. Traister
Title: Guide to Professional Radio and TV Newscasting, Author: Robert C. Siller
Title: The Triumph Spitfire, Author: Michael L. Cook
Title: Build Your Own 80386 Compatible and Save a Bundle, Author: Aubrey Pilgrim
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