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Title: Complete Guide to Rutan Homebuilt Aircraft, Author: Don Downie
Title: Lightplane Engines, Author: John L. Nelson
Title: The How-to Book of Interior Walls, Author: Don Geary
Title: How to Troubleshoot and Repair Electronic Test Equipment, Author: Mannie Horowitz
Title: Colors and Markings of the F-14 Tomcat, Author: Bert Kinzey
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Title: The Complete Handbook of Model Railroad Operations, Author: Paul Mallery
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Title: Model Sail and Power Boating: By Remote Control, Author: George G. Siposs
Title: F-4 Phantom II, Part I: USAF F-4C, F-4D and RF-4C-B, Author: Bert Kinzey
Title: How to Select and Install Your Own Speakers, Author: Norman H. Crowhurst
Title: The Bicycler's Bible, Author: Paul Dempsey
Title: Complete Snowmobile Repair Handbook, Author: Paul Dempsey
Title: How to Design and Build Electronic Instrumentation, Author: Joseph J. Carr
Title: How to Troubleshoot and Repair Amateur Radio Equipment, Author: Joseph J. Carr
Title: Yoxford Boys, Author: Merle C. Olmsted
Title: The How-to Book of Floors and Ceilings, Author: Don Geary
Title: Troubleshooting Solid State Wave-Generating and Shaping Circuits, Author: Ben W. Gaddis
Title: Hang Gliding Handbook: Fly Like a Bird, Author: George Siposs
Title: One Hundred Twenty-Five Typical Electronic Circuits Analyzed and Repaired, Author: Art Margolis
Title: Crafts for Kids, Author: Phyllis Guth
Title: Racing Planes and Air Races, Author: Reed Kinert

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