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Title: The RipTide, Author: Jacob Carter
Title: Fortunate Son, Author: Brooks Eason
Title: Katie's Plain Regret (Amish Journeys, #1), Author: Sara Harris
Title: The Narcissist's Wife, Author: Laura Mansfield
Title: Ditch the Drama, Author: Ginny Priz
Title: An Introspective Journey, Author: Paula Sarver
Title: In Search of the Beloved, Author: Marian Rizzo
Title: The Five Manners of Death, Author: Darden North
Title: Suddenly Stardust, Author: Joanne Brokaw
Title: Devotions from Everyday Things: Horse & Farm Edition, Author: Tammy Chandler
Title: Uncommon Core, Author: Pauline Hawkins
Title: Confounding the Wise, Author: Dan Kulp
Title: Trusting God Through Testing Times, Author: Jill Grossman
Title: Martyr's Moon, Author: J.E. Lowder
Title: The Pruning (American Dreams), Author: Jan Cline
Title: Past the Hood Ornament, Author: Mike Carmichael
Title: The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake, Author: Mary Parker
Title: Chewing the Daily Cud, Volume 1, Author: Rodney Boyd
Title: Obedience, Author: Michael Potts
Title: Kiss Me Once Again (a Women of the Heartland story), Author: Gail Kittleson

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