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Title: Girl Medic -Confessions of Chaos and Calamity Behind the Lights and Sirens, Author: Laura Freed
Title: Courage and Light Behind the Badge, Author: W. Alan Orok
Title: Behind the Green Lights
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Title: Thomas Edison: The Man Behind the Light Bulb, Author: Lucia Tarbox Raatma
Title: Cher: Simply Cher, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: Government Man, Author: E.B. Dawson
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Title: Elton John: Reginald Dwight and Company, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: Trope-ing the Light Fantastic: The Science Behind the Fiction, Author: Edward M. Lerner
Title: Lights! Camera! Molly!: A behind-the-Scenes Movie Guide, Author: American Girl
Title: Jim Croce: The Feeling Lives On, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: Heroes of Light and Sound: Discover the Science Behind Superpowers ... and Become Supersmart, Author: Joy Lin
Paperback $8.09 $8.99 Current price is $8.09, Original price is $8.99.
Title: Valerie Harper: The Unforgettable Snowflake, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: Roberta Flack: Sound of Velvet Melting, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: John Denver: A Natural High, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: Lewis Latimer: The Man Behind a Better Light Bulb, Author: Nancy Dickmann Pre-Order Now
Title: A Perfect Creation: The Light Behind the Dark Side of Genesis, Author: Robert E. Joyce
Title: Friday Night Lights: Untold Stories from Behind the Lights, Author: Dr. Nathanial Hearne
Title: Lights! Camera! Felicity: A Behind-the-Scenes Movie Guide (American Girls Collection Series: Felicity), Author: Tamara England
Title: Slightly Behind and to the Left: Four Stories and Three Drabbles, Author: Claire Light
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