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Title: Light From Behind The Clouds, Author: Nick Robb
Title: Hard Money - The Naked Truth Behind the Red Light, Author: Verity Marshall
Title: The Light Behind Blue Circles, Author: Robert Louis DeMayo
Title: Government Man (The Light Behind Shadows, #1), Author: E.B. Dawson
Title: Shadow Figure (The Light Behind Shadows, #2), Author: E.B. Dawson
Title: Cher: Simply Cher, Author: Linda Jacobs
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Title: Light Up The Darkness - Waiting: Stories Behind The Songs, Author: Light Up The Darkness
Title: Hiding Behind Blinders of Reality: For All in Darkness Must Come to Light. No Lukewarm, Hot, or Cold., Author: Yolandra Woods Timmons
Title: Lights, Camera, Action!: Behind the Scenes, Making Movies, Author: Louis Goldman
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Title: Valerie Harper: The Unforgettable Snowflake, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: The Hidden World Behind Superstrings (The Power of Light, #9), Author: Wim Vegt
Title: Lights! Camera! Samantha!: A Behind-the-Scenes Movie Guide to Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, Author: Tamara England
Title: Roberta Flack: Sound of Velvet Melting, Author: Linda Jacobs
Title: Hobo Stew: Taken in the Alley, Behind the Dumpster, Author: Syndy Light