20 Years of Dischord

20 Years of Dischord


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A Dischord box set? It may seem like an oddity to many who know little about the label, but when you think about it, it makes absolutely perfect sense. Many of the D.C. bands were and are known for amazing live shows, blowing most "punk" bands out of the water. Unfortunately, given these bands' tendency to break up after a year or so, those in the other parts of the country and the world couldn't necessarily make it down to the 9:30 club to check out Severin or Soul Side -- hence, the existence of Dischord as a label. Initially started just to document one band (the Teen Idles), it has served to document the ever-growing musical family that has come to represent some of the best music Washington D.C. has to offer. And now, after 20 years, a compilation comes along (each band is represented with one song on the first two discs) that is not only beautifully laid out, but an absolute necessity for fans of either the label as a whole or just one or two bands. On the first two discs, the progression of the label is spelled out chronologically, beginning with the rapid-fire hardcore that D.C. bands like Minor Threat, Government Issue, and Faith used to establish the scene in the early '80s. Around track 16 or so, the whole thing explodes. Bands no longer take the faster-then-hell approach, and more melodies and complexities take over. While many of the people here appear in many different bands, there was an obvious concerted effort to keep pushing things past the confines of what constituted "punk", including the supposed birth of emocore (Embrace, Rites of Spring), the blend of personal issues with politics of the Nation of Ulysses and Fugazi, the power pop of High-Back Chairs, or the monster surf punk of Slant 6. The third disc, made up entirely of rare and unreleased tracks moves in much the same order but tends to be a bit heavier on the "hardcore" side. If this isn't your cup of tea, it is more than made up for by rare tracks by Shudder to Think and the brilliant "Word" by Fugazi. (Not to mention an extremely old interview with Ian and co. from way back when and vintage live footage of some of the original hardcore bands on the scene.) There are moments on the box that may throw people for a loop, musically. But the fascinating part is hearing the progression of the scene from a high-octane hardcore hotbed to a more arty, experimental, and wide-ranging purely musical scene. Listeners will have an interesting time trying to peg down just when that shift occurred. Was it Rites of Spring? Beefeater? Shudder to Think? It's important to note too that not every moment/song/band is going to touch people. Fans of the early work the label released will probably not go crazy for High-Back Chairs, and Autoclave fans may not dig S.O.A., but that's missing the point. And the point is? The point is that Dischord is a label devoted to documenting music, not supplying it with an image or a marketing strategy. And this collection is the ultimate proof. [The set also contains an amazing book that contains photos, essays, descriptions of the whens, whys, and hows of each band and song as well as a pictorial discography.]

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Release Date: 10/15/2002
Label: Dischord
UPC: 0718751962521
catalogNumber: 125
Rank: 52437

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Henry Rollins   Vocals
Untouchables   Track Performer
Government Issue   Track Performer
Minor Threat   Track Performer
Scream   Track Performer
Youth Brigade   Track Performer
John Barry   Guitar
Brian Baker   Bass,Guitar
Chris Caron   Guitar
John J. Davis   Drums
Michael Fellows   Bass,Vocals
Alexis Fleisig   Drums
Eric L.   Vocals
Roger Marbury   Bass
Scott McCloud   Guitar
Jeff Nelson   Drums,Background Vocals
Chris Richards   Guitar,Vocals
Colin Sears   Drums
Dave Smalley   Vocals
Jim Spellman   Guitar
John Stabb   Vocals
Peter Stahl   Guitar
Geoff Turner   Guitar,Vocals
Teen Idles   Track Performer
Mike Russell   Drums
Stuart Hill   Bass
Craig Wedren   Vocals
Zach Barocas   Drums
Brendan Canty   Drums
Kim Coletta   Bass
Edward Janney   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Joe Lally   Bass
Ian MacKaye   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Guy Picciotto   Guitar,Vocals
Lyle Preslar   Guitar
J. Robbins   Guitar,Vocals
James Brady   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Temple   Bass
Ron Winters   Guitar,Vocals
Void   Track Performer
Mary Timony   Guitar,Vocals
Alec MacKaye   Guitar,Vocals
Charles Steck   Bass
Christina Billotte   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Jason Farrell   Guitar,Vocals
Amy Pickering   Vocals
Kent Stax   Drums
Bert Queiroz   Bass
John Falls   Bass
Tomas Squip   Drums,Vocals
Peter Hayes   Guitar,Vocals
Skeeter Thompson   Bass
Franz Stahl   Guitar
Marc Alberstadt   Drums
Arika Casebolt   Drums
Tom Clinton   Guitar
Mitchell Feldstein   Drums
Sean Finnegan   Drums
Steve Gamboa   Bass,Drums
Ivor Hanson   Drums
Kenny Inouye   Guitar
Jake Kump   Bass
Seth Lorinczi   Bass
Myra Power   Bass,Vocals
Chris Stover   Bass
Ian Svenonius   Trumpet,Vocals
John Weiffenbach   Vocals
Dave Stern   Guitar
Bobby Sullivan   Vocals
Chris Bald   Bass
Marge Marshall   Drums
Jeff Boswell   Bass,Guitar
John Chriest   Bass
Chad Clark   Guitar,Vocals
Abram Goodrich   Bass,Vocals
Devin Ocampo   Guitar,Vocals
Hilary Soldati   Cello,Vocals
Christopher Matthews   Guitar
Amy Farina   Drums
Andy Charneco   Guitar
Alex Daniels   Drums
Alex Dunham   Guitar,Vocals
Asa Osborne   Guitar
Rob Moss   Bass
Jerry Busher   Drums
Bill Barbot   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Bryson   Drums
Alec Bourgeois   Guitar,Vocals
Kate Samworth   Bass
Fred Erskine   Bass,Vocals
Chris Farrall   Drums
Juan Carrera   Bass,Vocals
Kenny Craun   Drums
Nikki Chapman   Guitar,Vocals
Melissa Berkoff   Bass,Drums
Daniel Higgs   Vocals
Joe Aronstamn   Bass,Vocals
Henry Garfield   Vocals
Brian Gay   Bass
Geordie Grindle   Guitar
Chris Hamley   Guitar
Danny Ingram   Drums
Simon Jacobsen   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
Maria Jones   Drums,Vocals
Marc Lambiotte   Guitar,Vocals
Michelle Mae   Bass
Nathan Strejcek   Vocals
Mike Hampton   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
State Of Alert (SOA)   Track Performer
Steve Kroner   Guitar
Jim Schaffer   Drums
Matt Borlik   Bass
Harris Klahr   Guitar,Vocals
Chad Molter   Drums
Iron Cross   Track Performer
Fred Smith   Guitar
Derrick Decker   Drums
Pete Murray   Guitar
Mike Manos   Drums
Steve Polcari   Vocals
Mark Haggerty   Guitar
Dante Ferrando   Drums
Steve Niles   Bass
Red C   Track Performer
Joseph McRedmond   Guitar,Vocals
Vin Novara   Drums
Dave Allen   Bass
Natalie Avery   Guitar
Dug E. Bird   Bass
Wendel Blow   Bass
Bubba Dupree   Guitar
John Barry   Guitar
Sab Grey   Vocals
Toni Young   Bass
Ray Hare   Vocals
Terry Scanlon   Bass
Deadline   Track Performer
Andre Lee   Bass
Brad Long   Bass
Bobby Matthews   Vocals
Paul Nee   Bass
Nicky Thomas   Drums
Chris Thomson   Bass,Vocals
Tomas   Drums
James Canty   Organ,Guitar,Drums
Richard Moore   Drums
Tim Green   Guitar

Technical Credits

Dag Nasty   Composer,Producer
Fugazi   Composer
Joan Jett   Producer
Henry Rollins   Liner Notes
Rites of Spring   Composer
Warmers   Producer
Embrace   Composer,Producer
Faith   Producer
Gray Matter   Producer
Ignition   Producer
Jawbox   Composer,Producer
Marginal Man   Producer
Minor Threat   Composer
Nation of Ulysses   Composer
Scream   Producer
Shudder to Think   Composer,Producer
Snakes   Producer
Beefeater   Composer
Circus Lupus   Composer
High-Back Chairs   Producer
Severin   Composer,Producer
Tommy Boyce   Composer
Steve Carr   Engineer
Don Fleming   Engineer
Bobby Hart   Composer
Chris Haskett   Producer
Eli Janney   Producer,Engineer
John Loder   Engineer
Jeff Nelson   Liner Notes,Text
Peer Rave   Engineer
Geoff Turner   Producer,Engineer
Don Zientara   Producer,Engineer
Holy Rollers   Producer
Slant 6   Composer,Producer
Teen Idles   Composer
Brendan Canty   Producer
Ian MacKaye   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes,Remixing,Text
Guy Picciotto   Engineer
J. Robbins   Producer,Engineer
One Last Wish   Producer
Bluetip   Composer
Smart Went Crazy   Composer
Trusty   Producer
Alec MacKaye   Composer
Malcolm Riviera   Engineer
Jason Farrell   Composer
Amy Pickering   Proof Reading
Bert Queiroz   Producer,Engineer
Charles Bennington   Producer
Skip Groff   Producer,Engineer
Kenny Inouye   Producer,Engineer
Gumbo MacKaye   Producer
Autoclave   Producer
Chris Biando   Engineer
Chad Clark   Composer,Engineer
Juan Luis Carrera   Composer
Amy Farina   Composer
Andy Charneco   Producer
Cynthia Connolly   Proof Reading
Juan Carrera   Engineer
Mike Hampton   Producer
Sab Grey   Remixing
Deadline   Producer
Andrew Berner   Engineer
Tom Carol   Engineer
Charles   Engineer
Michael Fussell   Producer
Skewbald   Producer
Ted Niceley   Producer

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