2002-2003 Student Plan-It Devotional Organizer

2002-2003 Student Plan-It Devotional Organizer

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What's inside: Devotional Organizer
Featured devotions by Award-Winning Artist Jennifer Knapp based on her latest album, The Way I Am.
August to August calendar.
Space for journaling and planning.
Practical tips and help to organize your life.
Daily encouragement and inspiration.

July 2002-August 2003
Your calendar for the entire school year and more.
Keep track of your important...




*practices, and

*special activities.
Discover more about yourself and your faith by exploring important questions such as...

*How should I prepare for the future?

*Can God help me find joy when I feel lonely?

*How do I handle temptation?

*What about my priorities?

*How do I know I can really trust God?

*Does God really forgive me for past mistakes?

*What makes someone a true friend?

*How can I become more like Christ?
And dozens of other important issues.

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ISBN-13: 9780764423383
Publisher: Group Publishing,Inc.
Publication date: 12/01/2001
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.86(w) x 8.42(h) x 0.48(d)

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Sports practice, music lessons, homework, tests, family stuff, youth group, hangin' out with friends-all of these commitments are vying for your attention. Ever feel like you don't have enough time to do it all? It's hard enough to handle these responsibilities, let alone to fit in some quality time with God!

Well, here's your chance. By using this Student Plan-It devotional organizer, you can not only keep track of your many commitments and responsibilities, but you can also take your relationship with God to a new level. You can dig deeper into the foundations of your faith, rediscover God's awesome love for you, and spend time getting to know him better.

And, along the way, you can hear a bit from award-winning Christian musician and songwriter Jennifer Knapp about her own faith story and about the inspiration behind the songs on her new album "The Way I Am" (Gotee Records), as well as the album "City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia" (Essential Records). Jennifer's devotions are sprinkled throughout the calendar, alongside other great devos covering topics that matter to you, like dating, grades, stress, prayer, family, friends, and the future.

So, wanna put your faith into action? Check out the weekly My Response application suggestions-they give you specific ideas about how you can live out your faith! And to really drive the point home, you can dive into the Word and read the scripture suggestions for each day of the week.

Besides all that, this book includes a year's worth of monthly prayer journal pages. Each journal section includes a short prayer to get you started and then lots of space for you to write your own thoughts andprayers.

Join the thousands of students who have come to rely on the Student Plan-It devotional organizer.

*Take your devotional organizer with you wherever you go. Use it to keep track of assignments, activities, and appointments. Write each item on the calendar right away so you won't forget it.

*Read the devotion at the beginning of each week. Use it to guide your prayers and actions during the week. And be sure to take time to allow God to speak to you.

*After you've read a devotion, use the My Response ideas to apply God's truths to your life.

*Keep your focus strong throughout the week by reading the daily Scripture suggestions and considering how God's Word applies to your life.

*At the end of each month, use the journal pages to record your prayers. Look back at them every so often to remember how God has been present in your life.

*Use the pages located at the front and back of the calendar to write in your class schedule and list important names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and favorite Web sites.

*And don't forget to fill in the identification information in the front of the book. Then the calendar can be returned if it's lost, and you won't be lost without your schedule.

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