A Brief History of Ireland

A Brief History of Ireland

by Paul F. State

Paperback(New Edition)

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A Brief History of Ireland provides a broad narrative of the central events that have shaped the country, from the arrival of the Celts to recent economic developments that have brought booming prosperity and social change. The geographical proximity of Great Britain and a strained relationship between the peoples of the two isles had a profound impact on Irish development, culminating in the forced absorption of Ireland into Great Britain in 1801. The Irish struggled to retain their separate ethnic identity-defined by a distinctive language and cultural traditions and their Roman Catholic faith-and resolved to win independence. For more than a century, Ireland became hostage to the religious discord, outbreaks of armed rebellion, social and political instability, and famines that plagued the nation and its people. The Irish managed to survive, and, ultimately, they succeeded in securing their dream of national self-identity. Now a democratic and prosperous nation open to the world, modern Ireland is a synthesis of both Irish and English heritages.

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ISBN-13: 9780816075171
Publisher: Facts on File, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/2009
Series: Facts on File Brief History Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 408
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations vii

List of Maps viii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi

1 Beginnings to the End of Pagan Ireland (Prehistory-431) 1

2 Christianity Arrives and Thrives (431-795) 21

3 From Viking Invasions to Royal Confrontations (795-1169) 41

4 From the Norman Invasion to the Anglo-Irish Administration (1169-1534) 63

5 The Planting of Protestant Power (1534-1691) 93

6 Ascendancy Ireland (1691-1800) 127

7 From the Act of Union to the Great Famine (1800-1849) 163

8 The Drive for Independence (1849-1922) 193

9 Making Modern Ireland (1922-1969) 246

10 Two Irish Visions in Collision (1969-2000) 292

11 Ireland in the Twenty-first Century: The Pain-Filled Past Recedes at Last? 341


1 Basic Facts about the Republic of Ireland 360

2 Basic Facts about Northern Ireland 363

3 Chronology of Ireland 365

4 Irish Leaders from 1922 to 2008 374

5 Bibliography 378

6 Suggested Reading 382

Index 396

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