A Fool's Babel: BOOK ONE: The Fenris Solution

A Fool's Babel: BOOK ONE: The Fenris Solution

by Terry Allen Richards II


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Have you ever heard the expression, 'If I told you, I would have to kill you?' Most of the time it is said as a joke and used to spread merriment and good cheer. No one takes it seriously and usually people just laugh it off. In my case however, there would be no laughing but there certainly would be killing. But it wouldn't be me that did the killing; it would be the government.

We all know that the government has secrets and we all know that they would do whatever was necessary to keep those secrets. They would kill you in your sleep or while you were driving your car and make it look like an accident. They would even invade a sovereign nation and execute an 'evil' dictator. History and even current events can testify to the lengths our government would go to keep and protect their secrets.

What if some of the secrets involved an ancient virus that our government wanted to use as a bioweapon? You know as well as I do that nothing would stop them from keeping that information out of the news stream. What if I told you that the government took it even further and tried to 'enhance' the virus? It's completely believable, isn't it? But what would happen if the virus mutated and completely changed the host into a ferocious killing machine? This sounds like something our government could use against its war of terror, doesn't it?

Without giving you a lot of details I can tell you that this type research is not new to our government. For decades they've been conducting research in hidden facilities all over the world. I've been on more than one mission to 'clean up' the mess made when the research gets out of hand. This story however, is beyond the scope of anything I had ever encountered before. The destruction I saw was almost unbelievable and the creatures I fought seemed more supernatural than natural.

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ISBN-13: 9781514142189
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/05/2015
Pages: 336
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T. A. Richards or more specifically Terry Allen Richards II, was born in Hartford, CT and graduated from Rockville High School of Vernon, CT. Recently retired from the US Army, Terry is a permanently disabled veteran and very proud to be an American. He meets his physical challenges head on and uses the sport of disabled bodybuilding to stay out of a wheelchair. In 2003 Terry graduated from Southern California Seminary and has used this education as a private educator and US Army Chaplain. He has written more than six novels and dozens of short stories as well as graphic novels. Ultimately he desires to start his own production company where he will see his many creative visions come to life on the 'big screen.'

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A Fool's Babel: BOOK ONE: The Fenris Solution 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite A Fool's Babel: Book 1 - The Fenris Solution by TA Richards is a gripping novel that may just be more fact than fiction than we would like to believe. The government is keeping secrets, but then that is nothing new. We know that the government will take whatever steps are necessary to keep these secrets as well. They think nothing of killing you off, no matter where you were or what you were doing, if they thought that you were going to spill those secrets. Especially if one of those secrets was about an ancient virus, one that the government thought they could turn into a bio weapon. Even more so, if you know that the government had tried to enhance the virus to make it more deadly. What would they do to you if you knew that the virus had gone bad and the experiment badly wrong? The government must go on a cleansing spree and they have you in their sights. A Fool's Babel: Book 1 – The Fenris Solution was an amazing read with plenty of action in it. It was captivating, to put it bluntly, and quite scary too. Even more so when you think that this kind of thing is more than likely happening, or going to happen, somewhere in the world. This is a gripping tale of science fiction, terror and government conspiracies and I thought it was one of the best written books I have read for a while. Mr. Richards has a clear talent for putting words on paper in a way that makes you both want to carry on reading until it's finished and to push the book away in horror. The characters were highly believable and the story is, sadly, a very believable one too. Nobody wants to imagine that this kind of thing could be happening, but we may have to face facts and get our heads out of the sand. Amazing book, really looking forward to the next book.