by Mr Mark Revolutionary Twain Jr


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The "Impossible" is now most Practical, when it comes to Solving the Gun Violence Problem, Gang Wars, and Terrorist Attacks, Worldwide. Yes, it is not just an American Problem: because would-be Murderers are "everywhere," you might say, and no one knows just when the next Shooting will take place, nor whether or not YOU nor I will be the next Victim of another needless Violent Crime.

However, there is now at least HOPE for Fixing all such Problems, which will not be easy; but, it is Guaranteed to WORK, which is most Important, and really Good News, which should be Shouted Out from the Housetops, you might say!

Yes, this Unique Book contains by FAR the Best News that we have heard, yet, concerning this Serious Subject, which is WHY www.Amazon.com is offering a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone who can Prove by means of Reason and Logic that our Slected King's Master Plan will not Work Well to Solve the Gun Violence Problems, Gang Wars, Unemployment, Poverty, Riots, Police Brutalities, Diseases, Drug Addictions, Drug Trafficking, Sex Slave Trafficking, and all Kinds of Crimes - at least for everyone who BELIEVES and OBEYS, which might Sound like very "Nasty Words" to some People: beCause of having very BAD Masters; but, the Inspired Author will no doubt have them Changing their Minds with his Inspired Words of Provable Truths - that is, IF they can Discover the Patience to Read all of the Words!

Therefore, do not allow any Lady Doubtfulness to Discourage you by any Means: beCause she has certainly not Collected any Million-dollar Reward for Proving our King's Plan to be WRong, nor can she even Present a Reasonable Argument against his Master Plan, which is Outlined in various Inspired Books, which can be found on our Website for Reasonable Prices, and often for less than a small meal.

However, we must tell you right up front that this is most certainly one of the Best Books ever written, which you can Partly Discover for yourself, just by Reading the FREE Book Preview on our Website, by Clicking your Mouse on the Book Cover. However, the Best Parts of all of our King's Inspired Books are found HIDDEN within the Volumes of the Books, for Wise Intelligent Patient People to Discover, who will be very Glad that they Endured the "Long Boring Painful Process of LEARNING." Yes, you must Read it with a Capital R - as in Carefully, Prayerfully, Thoughtfully, and with a Good Sense of Humor: beCause this Inspired Book is not only Educational and Enlightening; but, it is also Entertaining with Special Humor, even as almost all of Master Twain's Books are, which makes them Extra Special, even if Pumpkin-heads and Numbskulls cannot get it. Remember that you are also Welcome to SELL any one or even all of our King's Books, and KEEP 90% of the Net Profits, whereby you can make yourself and others Happier: beCause of the Liberating Truths within his Wonderful Books, who is one of the few Old Men on the Earth who can Honestly say that he has not needed the Services of a Medical Doctor in more than 50 Years, nor has he consumed any MediSINZ, as he calls them: beCause of being in Good Health, even though he has been Accused of having a few Loose Screws in his Head, whereby he Imagines himself to be some Great KING, if you can Believe it, which is just Camouflage, which he uses to Spook Away his Worst Enemies, who are just Naturally Afraid of Righteous Kings, who might Straighten them Out with a Capital S and O - as in, "Oh my God, has the Anti-Christ finally Appeared!?" Well, you may be the Judge of that for yourself, after Studying this Revolutionary Book, which is Destined to Attract the Riveted Eyeballs of more than one Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Sloth-gut Windbag Hole-in-Thy-Head, who is Bound to go OUT of Business when the Sword of Truth Removes his Head of Religious LIES! At least we Hope so, and especially if he is one of those Radical Murderous Muslims or Warmongering "Christians"!

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ISBN-13: 9781517182250
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/02/2015
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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