A Treasury of North American Folktales

A Treasury of North American Folktales


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"When one thinks of American folk tales, certain images spring to mind: Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, Brer Rabbit. But beyond these stock characters lie countless other stories and legends that have subtly shaped America's collective identity. In A Treasury of North American Folk Tales, editor Catherine Peck has assembled a remarkable collection of stories ranging from the Canadian north to the Mexican desert, and all points in between, and are as colorful as the regions that spawned them." —Demian McLean

This book's contents range from Native American love stories to Davy Crockett's account of killing a bear with a knife, from Brer Rabbit's mischief to Johnny Appleseed's good deeds, from hilarious yarns about mosquitoes to eerie encounters with the devil.

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ISBN-13: 9780393047417
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 06/17/1999
Pages: 404
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 10.30(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

One--How the World was Made
The Boy of the Red Sky
What Makes Brer Wasp Have a Short Patience
Opossum Steals Fire
Ojeeg, The Summer Maker
Powerful Changed
The Star Husband
The Dog-Rib Legend of Ithenhiela
Man, the Burro, and the Dog
Possum, Turtle, and the Wolves
Getting Common Sense
Ouiot and Frog
Two--Tall Tales, Brags, and other Lies
How to Tell a Story
Ab Yancey's Squirrel-Hunt
Tall Hunting Tale
The Dog Who Could Walk on Water
Old Gawge and the Ninety and Nine
Uncle Swain
The Trained Trout
A Trip to the Moon
The Snake-Bit Hoe Handle
Uncle Billy Hallock's Yarn
I Wish I Could Tell a Lie
Remarks Made at the Hatchet Club
Frontier Brags
Three--Legendary Heroes and Heroines
Annie Oakley Makes Her Name
Davy Crockett
The Colonel Swallows a Thunderbolt
David Crockett Meets a Bear
Mike Fink Meets David Crockett
The Ballad of Casey Jones
Johnny Applessed
The Cherry Tree Legend
Belle Starr
Judge Roy Bean's Necktie Justice
Wild Bill Hickock's Duel with Dave Tutt
Four--Larger than Life
The Birth of Paul Bunyan
Babe the Blue Ox
Pipeline Days
Paul's Popcorn
Paul Bunyan Takes Care of Mosquitoes
Cal Bunyan's Ireland, Jerusalem, Australia & Southern Indiana Railroad
The Birth of John Henry
The Ballad of John Henry
Annie Christmas
The Saga of Pecos Bill
Five--Life Lessons
Looking for Trouble
The Bird That Was Ashamed of Its Feet
A Boy and His Donkey
Brer Possum's Dilemma
The Red Rag Under the Churn
The Two Wagoners
Annancy and the Yam Hills
Words of Wisdom
The Golden Rain
Why Men Have to Work
A Bundle of Troubles
The Robe
Six--Tricks and Tricksters
Brother Rabbit Breaks Up a Party
Tio Conejo and the Hurricane
Coyote Tricks the White Man
Big John the Conqueror
Jack and the Giants' New Ground
The Boy That Was Foolish-Wise
The Arkansas Traveler
The Yankee Peddler
How Pedro Urdemalas Got Into and Out of Heaven
Bobtail and the Devil
Seven--The Fool
The Three Sillies
Two Tales of Foolish John
Fido est mort (Fido Is Dead)
The Devil and the Lord Dividing Souls
Pat and the Devil
The Riddle Test
Jean Sotte and the Riddle
Jean Sot and Bull's Milk
The Mule Egg
The $50,000 Racehorse
Jim Baker's Bluejay Yarn
The Killer Mosquitoes
The Yankee Peddler and the Innkeeper
Eight--Love Stories
The Girl That Married a Flop-Eared Hound-Dog
The Algonquin Cinderella
La Cenicienta Huasteca
Fabiano and Reyes
A Bunch of Laurel Blooms for a Present
The Toadfrog
Old Black-Oak Knows Best
Hard of Hearing
Farmer Smith and Ma'am Jones
Lovers' Retreat
A Tale of Love
Nine--Of Ghosts, Witches, and the Devil
The Haunted House
Marie Jolie
Sammy and His Fiddle
Tom Dunn's Dance on Rag Rock
Whickety-Whack, Into My Sack
The Grouse Girl
Aunt Tucky
The Yellow Ribbon
The Ghost of Jean Lafitte
The Weeping Woman
La Llorona Teaches a Hippie a Lesson
A Pretty Girl in the Road
The Spectre Bride

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