African History in Documents - Text and Readings: Central and South Africa

African History in Documents - Text and Readings: Central and South Africa

by Robert O. Collins (Editor)


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Beginning with the kingdoms of the Congo in the 14th and 15th centuries, and their histories, this volume analyzes the influence and pressures of the Portugese, the Catholic Church, and slave traders on these blossoming African states. Included are reports by Portugese and English discoverers and missionaries, such as Livingston and Stanley, as well as documents about the colonial history of the Belgian Congo, Angola, and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, which centuries later mirrorred the kingdoms of Zimbabwe and the Mwanamutapa. Texts on the post-colonial period include the writings of Patrice Lumumba. The South African section contains documents about native people and the first Dutch settlement in the seventeenth century, including the introduction of slavery; conflicts between settlers and British missionaries as well as with the native states; white conquest; Boer history and myths; British colonial policy; the discovery of diamonds and gold; and apartheid. The new political era includes the early writings of Nelson Mandela.

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ISBN-13: 9781558760172
Publisher: Wiener, Markus Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/02/2015
Series: Topics in World History Ser.
Edition description: Subsequent
Pages: 290
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Table of Contents

1. Olfert Dapper: The Kingdom of Congo
2. Rui de Agular: King Affonso I
3. Filippo Pigafetta and Duarte López: The Successors to Affonso I
4. Andrew Battell: The Jaga
5. Alvare II and Alvare III, Kings of Congo: Relations Between the Kingdom of Congo and the Papacy
6. Monsignor Confalonreri: São Tomé and the Slave Trade
7. Filippo Pigafetta and Duarte López: Paulo Diaz de Novais in Angola
8. Giovanni Cavazzi: Queen Anna Nzinga
9. Manuel de Faria e Sousa: The Kingdom of the Monomotapa
10. Antonio Suárez: The Conversion of the Monomotapa
11. Father Pinto: The Kingdom of the Kazembe
12. P.J. Baptista: The Kazembe
13. A. C. P. Gamitto: The Maravi
14. Charles Livingstone: The Prazeros
15. Hermenegildo Capello and Roberto Ivens: Benguella in 1877
16. Robert Moffat: Mzilikazi
17. Ndansi Kumalo: The Ndebele Rebellion
22. Léon Pétillon: Native Policy in the Belgian Congo
23. Patrice Lumumba: Crisis of Confidence
24. Cristopher Nyangoni and Gideon Nyandoro (eds.): Zimbabwe Independence Movements: Select Documents
25. Jan van Riebeeck and Z. Wagenaar: Of the Native Tribes of South Africa
26. Andrew Sparrman: The Boers
27. Thomas Pringle: Boer Meeb Bantu
28. Henry Francis Fynn: Shaka
29. Andrew Geddes Bain: The Ngwaketse Defeat the Kololo
30. Anna Elizabeth Steenkamp: The Great Trek
31. James Chapman: The Boers and Their Attack on Kwena
32. Newspaper Account: The Governor and the Tembookies
33. John Mackenzie: Bushman Land
34. Jan Christiaan Smuts: A Century of Wrong
35. Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr: The Representation of Natives Act, 1936
36. M.D. C. de Wet Nel The Principles of Apartheid
37. Nelson Rolihlahie Mandela: Verwoerd’s Tribalism
38. Helen Suzman: Mrs. Suzman and Apartheid
39. Steve Biko: Black Consciousness and the Quest for TrueHumanity
40. Joe Foster: The Workers’ Struggle – Where Does FOSATU Stand?
41. Nelson Mandela: Address to the ANC
42. Zwelakhe Sisulu: Keynote Address to the National Education Crisis Committee, Second National Consultative Conference
43. Terror Lekota: Letter

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