Afterlife (Evernight Series #4)

Afterlife (Evernight Series #4)

by Claudia Gray

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Destiny awaits Bianca and Lucas . . .

Bianca and Lucas have always believed they could endure anything to be together. When a twist of fate not only transforms Bianca into a wraith but also turns Lucas into a vampire—the very creature he spent his life hunting—they are left reeling.

Haunted by his powerful need to kill, Lucas can turn to only one place for help . . . Evernight Academy. Bianca is determined to remain with him. But with the vampire leader of Evernight waging a war against wraiths, her former home has become the most dangerous place she could be, despite the new powers her ghostly transformation has given her.

A battle between wraiths and vampires looms, and Bianca and Lucas face a terrifying new reality. They've overcome every obstacle life has thrown at them, but is their love strong enough to survive the challenges after life?

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ISBN-13: 9780062069757
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 03/08/2011
Series: Evernight Series , #4
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 253,945
File size: 548 KB
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Claudia Gray is the pseudonym of New Orleans-based writer Amy Vincent, the author of the New York Times bestselling Evernight series. She has worked as a lawyer, a journalist, a disc jockey, and an extremely poor waitress. Her grandparents' copy of Mysteries of the Unexplained is probably the genesis of her fascination with most things mysterious and/or inexplicable.

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Afterlife (Evernight Series #4) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 260 reviews.
RachelHarrisWrites More than 1 year ago
Sigh. One of my favorite series, Evernight by Claudia Gray, is coming to a close. But there is good news. The fourth and final book of the series, AFTERLIFE, meets all expectations . . . and then some. When we last left Lucas and Bianca, Bianca had been turned into a wraith and Lucas-the former vampire killer-was about to wake as a vampire himself. All our favorite characters were present: the scrumptious Balthazar, the quirky Vic, and the adorably-out-of-touch Ranulf. AFTERLIFE picks up moments later, and Bianca is debating whether to kill Lucas to honor his wishes of never becoming a vampire or follow her own heart in the hopes he can come to grips with his transformation. Lucky for us, Bianca follows her heart and Lucas is reborn. The final installment brings the crew back to Evernight and the ever-mysterious Ms. Bethany. While Bianca and Lucas struggle with their new undead status, they also strive to undercover why Ms. Bethany is attracting wraiths-the understood enemy to the vampire-to Evernight, battle parental insecurity issues, and attempt to figure out how to be a couple now that one of them barely has a body and the other is consumed by the need for blood. Along with the usual crew, Dana, Raquel and Patrice also come back to say a final farewell. I give Ms. Gray kudos for the ending. It was not the ending I anticipated, but it was one hundred percent true to the story. Anything less or different would have been unfair to the world and characters she has so lovingly created. And fans do not have to despair over the series ending. Balthazar is coming back with his very own series in the future, which I am eagerly anticipating. AFTERLIFE won't hit stores until March 8, 2011, but is already available for pre-order. And look for BALTHAZAR in bookstores March 2012! I recieved AFTERLIFE via NetGalley, courtesy of Harper Collins, in exchange for a review. I was beyond grateful to accept.
bookjac More than 1 year ago
I won an ARC of this book, It was awesome. You guys will love it!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the Evernight series but this last book made me want to throw a shoe at someones head!!! I think the biggest reason why I didn't like this one is because I didn't like the third one and I just didn't expect much from this one. Although I am looking forward to the realease of Balthazar; a spin off book of the Evernight series. Comig out March 6.
Katniss_Forks More than 1 year ago
This last book was not my favorite. It was a deception to have waited so long for it and to have expected so much from it. Happily Ever After does not apply to an 'interpret it yourself' kind of ending. Unless there's really more to be said about Bianca and Lucas's life together. (There's not though, Claudia Gray said herself that she felt Bianca and Lucas's story was done). Though Bianca can evidently protect herself, Lucas had been built to protect her, and I think that this book leaves her pretty much unprotected for the 'eternal' part of her life. Without giving too much away, how does a love so perfect as the one these two built together get shattered by something so malleable as ones own upbringing. What is to become of Bianca after? I don't know, but that is sort of what irked my nerves; the part where I'm left wondering so negatively about it. Ugh...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So stupid
Unwasted_Words More than 1 year ago
Claudia Gray is tying up all the loose ends in the conclusion to her Evernight series. The book picks up as Lucas is about to rise from his first death to start his second life as a vampire. Lucas' internal struggle with becoming the very thing he was taught to hate, isn't his only battle. Now he has to fight the hunger. And live with the stigma of Black Cross among his previous prey. Bianca is still learning what it means to be a wraith, along with her own issues about being dead. Lucas, Bianca, and our favorite side kicks all journey back to Evernight. Along the way Lucas will face his mom, we find out exactly what Mrs. Bethany is up to with all those ghosts and if love really can transcend all obstacles. The highlight of Afterlife was the supporting cast. Vic and Ranulf stole the show. Ranulf's backwards old english translations never failed to make me laugh. Patrice, Dana, and Raquel also join the mix and proved what real friendship truly is. There are some tough family issues as well. The overall message is what are the limits of love. Gray explores quite a few variations within different relationships. Some low points. Unfortunately I can't say the highlight was the love story. The romance is why I read and followed the series. But they were more like an old married couple than star crossed teenage lovers. Bianca's constant repetitive blaming of Lucas' undead state on Balthazar. I can understand why she's upset, I just wish every time Bianca complained about it that it would be phrased differently. It was worded exactly the same each time. And became redundant. Unfortunately she harped on it a lot. I also didn't care for the end. It was neat and tidy, all my favorite people lived, but I found to be a bit of a let down. It was safe. Sweet. Tame. Normally I don't like tragedies, but Afterlife needed something messy and imperfect. It needed something more profound. Even though Bianca and Lucas were going in opposite directions individually their relationship seem to be working just fine. Almost like they had worked though all the major obstacles in the previous books. Afterlife was really focused on their separate struggles, when readers like me are more interested in their couple troubles. I guess it needed more angst. Maybe the ending would have sat with me better if there was more drama in their relationship during the book. Afterlife was OK. It was entertaining. But it didn't move me as much as some of the other books in the series. The romance was lackluster, anticlimactic. The end was sufficient but nothing I'm going to swoon over. I think it's a toss up either your going to love it, or feel stood up. The best part of the ending for me was the full page announcement of a spin off featuring Balthazar.
rivkat on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Bianca and Lucas, now even more Juliet and Romeo than before (she¿s a ghost, he¿s a vampire, they¿re immortal enemies), return to Evernight Academy in order to get Lucas help with his newfound bloodlust, and find out more about the whole ghost-vampire enmity thing. After a lot of setup, the plot moves swiftly to the climax and the major elements are resolved. I¿m too jaded to take Bianca and Lucas¿s `I will love you to the end of time¿ thing entirely seriously, but I did enjoy Bianca¿s reaction to the new, human girl who shows up looking beautiful and in need of Lucas¿s rescue. She wouldn¿t be (post)human if she didn¿t have a moment of potential jealousy, but she actually has faith in her boyfriend, so yay for avoiding pointless misunderstandings!
ShanonS on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
After reading this book, the last one in the series, I must say that I am pleased with the conclusion. Things were wrapped up nicely, but not too nice. Bianca was a lot less helpless in this book and I quite liked that. I also liked that everything that I had been curious about from the start was explained. Lastly, all of Bianca and Lucas' friends were more involved with the story which proved to be amusing at times.
DamarisGCR on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! There is absolutely no way I can review Afterlife and not share spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you! I will try my hardest not to include to many.I decided to break down my review to the TOP Favorite Moments about Afterlife and What I did not like about Afterlife.First, I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Claudia Gray's Evernight Series. Bianca and Lucas are one of my top favorite book couples and it breaks my heart to know that Afterlife is the final book in the series. With that said, here is my TOP FAVORITE MOMENTS: 1. I loved that Claudia Gray picked the book up right where it left off in HourGlass. 2. This series does not lack mystery, suspense and action at all. Afterlife has delivered that once again. 3. I am still very much in love with Lucas and Bianca's relationship. In Afterlife, you see that love really does conquer all. Lucas becomes what he hates the most and Bianca becomes what she fears the most, yet they refused to let that tear them apart. 4. I wanted to cry at so many different points in this book because of Lucas. He really struggled with himself and tried his best to stay the same not just for himself, but for Bianca as well. There were so many times he thought he would lose himself, but he refused to let that happen and kept on fighting. 5. I have officially gained a huge crush on Balthazar and I cannot wait for his story. 6. In my opinion, all the characters in this series have progressed and evolved. They are all great and each one has come into their own at different points in the series, but in Afterlife I feel you get a complete picture of them. 7. Claudia Gray did an amazing job with the story and everything runs so smoothly and is so easy to follow. 8. You finally figure out what Bethany is up to and why she allowed humans to attend Evernight. You also learn a little of Bethany's past and why she is who she is. It helped me understand her better and her motives. Did not like about Afterlife: 1. Even though the book ends with a happy ending, I felt that it was a little rushed and wished it could have ended a little differently. 2. I found Afterlife to be a little predictable. If you have read Evernight, Stargazer and HourGlass, you know that Claudia Gray always delivers an amazing TWIST! Afterlife did not have any shocking moments for me. At times I knew exactly what was going to happen next. Overall, I give Afterlife 4.5 Stars, GREAT series and GREAT Finale to the series.
drebbles on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Against all odds, Bianca and Lucas have fought hard to be together. Now they face their toughest challenge yet - Bianca is a wraith (wraiths have long been hated by vampires) and Lucas himself has become a vampire, a creature he once hunted as a member of Black Cross. Lucas and Bianca have taken refuge in Evernight Academy - a place neither one of them is totally comfortable in. Both are right to be wary - their biggest battle is yet to come. "Afterlife" is the fourth and final book in Claudia Gray's Evernight series for young adults (the first three are Evernight (Evernight, Book 1), Stargazer (Evernight), and Hourglass (Evernight)). The entire series has been full of surprises and after the shocking events in Hourglass (Evernight) I was afraid Grey had written herself into a corner and was anxious to see how "Afterlife" turned out. In the end, I think it both succeeds and fails. There were times when the book was boring (Bianca floats around Evernight an awful lot) but Gray managed to throw in just enough surprises to keep the book interesting. Lucas has always been a borderline character for me (I didn't like him in the first book, but he grew on me in the second and third books) and he pushed the envelope a few times in this one with his brooding. For the most part Gray does an excellent job of tying everything together (there are a few loose ends, however, and some characters completely disappear without their storyline being adequately wrapped up). As to what happens with Bianca and Lucas in the end, I won't spoil it for readers except to say that while young adult readers will probably accept the ending as it is, the old adult in me found the ending to be full of plot holes and would have loved an epilogue showing all the characters 50 or 60 years down the road. "Afterlife" isn't perfect but it is a nice wrap-up to the Evernight series (and fans will no doubt look forward to Baltazar's new series).
TheLibraryhag on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Bianca and Lucas return to Evernight so Lucas can learn to live in his new form. Speaking of new forms, Bianca is learning more about being a wraith and the powers she has. But it is dangerous for Bianca because the vamps at Evernight, led by the uber-scary Mrs. Bethany, are still trapping wraiths. Will Bianca and company finally discover why?Well, I am a bit sad. This is the last book in the Evernight series. As usual there is plenty of action and just a bit of teenish angst. I have really come to love the characters in this book. They are great examples of loyalty. It also has a lot to say about people who just accept what they have been told instead of seeking the truth. I am glad there is going to be a book about Balthazar, hopefully some of the other characters will show up there.
JRlibrary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It's been SO long since I read Hourglass, that it took me a little while to remember everything that had happened to Bianca and Lucas. Once I remembered however, I enjoyed the conclusion to the series. I wasn't terribly fond of the ending, and thought it was a bit contrived, but I guess, given the circumstances, I'll let it go. I think that followers of the Evernight series are going to love After Life. It has romance, battles, traps, bloodshed, heartache and joyful reunions ... a little something for everyone!
readingdate on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Evernight series has always set itself apart in the world of YA vampire books. From the first book on there have been many surprises in this series that have kept it interesting. Keeping the series at four books feels right for the story. I don¿t feel short-changed or that the series has been dragged out for too long. The author certainly does not shy away from controversial plot twists and has kept the suspense going strong. The last book HOURGLASS was a rollercoaster ride for her characters, as Bianca and Lucas found themselves becoming their own worst nightmare. AFTERLIFE is an exciting finale to the series, with the usual twists and turns. The conclusion provides answers and ties up all the loose ends. The ending is satisfying overall and in keeping with the series.Appropriately the final book returns back to the series¿ roots and back to Evernight Academy. Lucas needs some help adjusting to being a vampire and Evernight is just the place for him. In addition to supporting Lucas, Bianca also has her own path to follow. Bianca is adjusting to her new existence and her new wraith superpowers that make her the hope and envy of all the wraiths. She is also trying to maintain her relationship with Lucas now that he is a vampire. She hopes her parents will welcome her back even though she is now a wraith. Old favorites such as Balthazar, Vic and Ranulf are also at Evernight to provide their usual support and humor. Mrs. Bethany is up to her old tricks, and we find out some of her history that provides some insight into her behavior.This book is evenly paced and kept my interest throughout. It builds nicely on the tension from the last book and kept me on the edge of my seat trying to guess the outcome for our favorite characters. The action builds to an exciting, yet bittersweet conclusion. I recommend this series for fans of YA paranormal series set in boarding schools. It is a fast-paced series full of surprises with plenty of action and romance. You can read the first book, EVERNIGHT, for free for a limited time here courtesy of HarperTeen.It softens the blow to know that a spin-off book will follow featuring none other than Balthazar. BALTHAZAR is due to be released in March 2012. While you are waiting for Balthazar, the author also has a standalone book coming out about werewolves on the Titanic titled FATEFUL, due in September 2011.
bookluvrmindy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The ending to the amazing series created by Claudia Gray was exactly the ending I was looking for. I prepared myself from the first book Evernight, to expect the unexpected and everything in this book was bewildering.The ending to Hourglass (the 3rd book to the series); was horrible, shocking and at the same time a marvelous cliffhanger. Bianca, Lucas and their families¿ worst nightmares had come true. Bianca is now a wraith and Lucas is now a vampire; will the people they love accept them? Can they accept what has become of themselves?This remarkable book is all about how every character (and I truly mean EVERY character) learns to face their fears. Some of them go through some tough obstacles to discover who should be trusted.While doing all of this; Claudia Gray still delivers an enticing story. She had me in shock and in awe throughout the whole book!I love how Bianca starts out in the series as a young naive girl and ends as a strong heroine. I was a little concerned because I thought the book was leading her character into an annoying jealous girlfriend. Did she really question if Mrs. Bethany was hitting on Lucas? That was totally weird. But once again, I was wrong. Expect the unexpected with Claudia Gray.I am really looking forward to reading Balthazar¿s book. I sure love that guy; hopefully the book will include more of Vic and Ranulf. They are some of my favorite characters. Ranulf cracks me up because he is this ancient vampire that talks like he is from an era of hundreds of years prior and tries to include current day slang in his proper speech. Here is a paragraph in the book that had me LOL! ¿Vic brightened. ¿Yeah, and with the rest of the humans in town on the Friday trip, less chance of us getting found out, right? Oh, man, I just called people humans.¿¿ I can see why Maxie has stuck around to watch over Vic. But one question wasn¿t answered, are Maxie and Vic in love? Up until the end of the book, I only saw Maxie as someone that looks out and cares for Vic.
RamonaWray on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I definitely preferred the previous novels in the series. I wasn't swept off my feet. I couldn't really connect with the storyline; it felt as though this was written for a completely different readership, when compared with Evernight. Nevertheless it offers an ending to the series and fans should read it.
krau0098 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I got a copy of this book through Around the World ARC Tours. I was eager to read this conclusion to the Evernight series. It was a great book and concluded the series well; a lot happens in this book and there is more action than in previous books.The third book left us at a total cliffhanger; Bianca had turned Wraith and Lucas is left for dead. Bianca has to decide to let Lucas live or to turn him. The decision happens in the first couple pages of the book (so I am not spoiling it here). Unfortunately Lucas is one of the hungry vampires and every day is a struggle for him; him and Bianca return to Evernight where Lucas seeks sanctuary. Miss Bethany eagerly grants him sanctuary, but there are other problems. Evernight is like a trap for Bianca, Bianca is being pressured by the wraiths to fulfill a higher purpose, and Miss Bethany has a dark plan afoot.If you have read the other books in the series then you have to read this book. The third book, Hourglass, leaves you in a horrible place but this book does an excellent job resolving that.Most of the book takes place back at Evernight as the character struggle to figure out the link between Miss Bethany and the Wraiths. All the characters that you love and adore are back and wonderful. The plot was fantastic, engaging and kept you guessing as to how everything would turn out.There were a couple plot elements that I truly enjoyed I loved learning more about the Wraiths, how they work, and what there purpose is. I loved learning about what made Bianca special as someone who was basically born Wraith. The combination of powers between the Vampires and Wraiths and how they are interconnected was fascinating. The way everything is tied together and resolved at the end was clever and satisfying.There were a couple small things that bugged me a bit. The pace of this novel is pretty deliberate, it is better than the first couple, but still slow. I am pretty resigned to this at this point because I think it is just how this author writes. Also some things revolving around Charity remain unresolved at the end of the book and I was hoping for some clearer resolution there.Overall I think fans of this series will be very happy. It is an enjoyable read, very creative, nice plot twists, and an excellent ending to this series. If you are a fan of this series, pick up this book as soon as it releases!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hello. How are you? I bow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the first three books and i loved them except the third book left a HUGE cliffhanger and i hated how she died and became a wraith...i hate how lucas is a vampire and everything. It also freaks me out that the all drink each others blood.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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